Natural MicroSystems Deploys NowSpeed Mobile Email Portal

Technology Leader to Use Mobile Email for Network Operations and Technical Support

NowSpeed, Inc., the leading provider of device-independent wireless email solutions, today announced that Natural MicroSystems (NASDAQ:NMSS) has selected NowSpeed's new Enterprise Edition Mobile Email Portal(TM) service for fast, flexible and mobile access and control over corporate email. NowSpeed's Mobile Email Portal goes a step beyond current wireless email solutions to give NMS network operations and technical support teams a powerful solution for remotely accessing their corporate email quickly and easily while they are away from their offices.

"Our IT and support teams are extremely mobile - not always traveling out of the office but constantly away from their desks and rarely having access to their desktop PCs and email," said Robert Stack, vice president of information technology at NMS. "These business-critical departments need to be able to access corporate email in real-time to respond to incoming support calls, employee requests and other inquiries. NowSpeed's Mobile Email Portal allows us to communicate with each other on-the-fly, wherever our teammates may be. NowSpeed offers real-time access to email that makes IT more responsive to our end users."

NowSpeed's Enterprise Edition Mobile Email Portal allows NMS users to quickly and easily download important email, including attachments, to a wide range of wireless devices including PDAs, browser-enabled phones, standard mobile phones, pagers, work or home PCs, and from any standard web browser. Using NowSpeed's service, NMS IT staff can easily retrieve email whether they are traveling or just away from their desks within their corporate campus. This greatly improves IT's performance and productivity since they can quickly respond to user inquiries and work more efficiently throughout the day.

"NMS is an outstanding application for our Enterprise Edition and we are proud to provide them with the mobile tools they need to respond quickly and efficiently to end user requests," said David Reske, president and CEO of NowSpeed. "NMS is an extremely mobile and dynamic company and its IT team is now more available and accessible at any time, no matter where they are. Now, even when IT and support staff are mobile throughout their corporate campus, they still have immediate access to their email. What's more, they can chose whatever wireless access device they prefer - from a mobile phone, PDA or pager. We look forward to working with NMS in delivering solutions to meet their mobile email needs."

NowSpeed's Enterprise Edition gives organizations a turnkey solution to quickly deploy secure and robust email services to their mobile workers. The service can be deployed either on a server at the corporation, or as an ASP service, eliminating the need to invest in new servers, software or training.

NowSpeed's Enterprise Edition Mobile Email Portal service features:

-- Enterprise Email Server Compatibility: Corporate-quality email including attachments, support for Lotus Notes(TM), MS Exchange(TM), IMAP4 and POP3

-- Security: Completely secure solution protects users from unauthorized email access

-- Synchronization: Automatically synchronizes email messages across all devices and eliminates duplication of effort

-- Rapid Download: By removing extraneous header information and converting attachments to text, NowSpeed dramatically increases the download speed of email to the mobile device

-- Personalization: Personalized notification of specified new email on pager or SMS-enabled mobile phones

Through its ASP business model, NowSpeed offers a practical, simple and cost-effective subscription-based method for rolling out mobile email services throughout an organization and its mobile workforce. This model enables organizations to easily deploy mobile email without the need to buy, support and maintain new server hardware and software.

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