Netverk and BT Cellnet Collaboration Will Enable Faster GPRS Services

Strategic Relationship Focuses On Emerging Wireless Data Market for Business Corporate Users

Netverk plc, the leading wireless data communication specialist company, today announced an arrangement with BT Cellnet to potentially incorporate Netverk products into its portfolio of business service applications.

Netverk products will optimise BT Cellnet's General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), enabling data applications to run up to five times faster than currently possible over the new high-speed, "always on, always connected" network. In June 2000, BT Cellnet was the first network in the world to introduce GPRS services.

The Netverk FoneStar product is a network transparent application which speeds up data transmission over wireless communication systems by up to six times and enables mobile email and messaging capabilities, which support Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP4 and web applications. The mission critical mobile data application for business users is corporate email and messaging capability across all wireless transports; enabling the end user to keep everyday methods, habits, and business routines of sending email messages and web browsing.

There has been recent industry discussion and debate about potentially disappointing lower than expected rates of data speed over GPRS and 3G networks; hence possibly hindering the technological uptake by corporate and consumer subscribers for these services. However, by incorporating Netverk solutions that optimise wireless network bandwidth and effectively defeat network latency, mobile operators would be in a better position to promise the expected high speeds over GPRS and 3G to their end users.

As part of the relationship, Netverk and BT Cellnet have a joint development project in London to work together on the testing and deployment of FoneStar over GPRS and 3G technologies.

"The trend setting nature of BT Cellnet as a wireless operator within the mobile data market will be an asset in propelling Netverk's innovative products to remain at the forefront of the industry," said Colin Scaife, Senior Vice President, Business Development for Netverk. "Together, BT Cellnet and Netverk can ensure that expected high data transmission speeds for subscribers over GPRS will be a reality."

John Rogers, BT Cellnet's head of GPRS applications, commented, "BT Cellnet has been testing and incorporating Netverk's bandwidth optimising products with our existing GPRS services since July 1999,and have found that this technology will increase GPRS speeds. As a company always in the pursuit of technology companies that can make a significant difference, BT Cellnet has found that Netverk will capacitate more enriching GPRS services."

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