Nokia Announces the World's First Symbian-based Communicator

Nokia 9210 Communicator is the World's First Device to be Based On Symbian's Open Programmable Software Platform

Nokia has today announced the first Symbian-based Communicator - the Nokia 9210. The Nokia 9210 is the world's first next generation mobile phone to be based on the Symbian platform v6.0 - an open software platform that has been designed to enable third party developers to write powerful additional applications, services and content for users.

The Nokia 9210 demonstrates the advantages of developing next generation mobile phones on the standard Symbian platform. Optimised for mobile Internet access with WAP and HTML browsers, messaging with email and SMS applications, intuitive personal information management systems and a range of other applications, synchronization and connectivity features, the Nokia 9210 represents Nokia's continuing drive to target the Mobile Information Society with mobile phones that provide easy and intuitive voice and messaging communications.

"Only the Symbian platform provides the robust mobile operating system that has real-time capabilities to be the platform for Nokia's new generation of Communicators and advanced mobile phones, as well as offering a versatile range of related applications" said Jouko Hayrynen, Vice President, Markets and Business Development, Nokia Mobile Phones. "The Nokia 9210 Communicator is the first in a range of devices that Nokia will be bringing to market based on the Symbian platform."

Users of the Nokia 9210 will be able to benefit from a wide range of additional applications and services currently under development by third-party software developers. Symbian has 35,000 registered developers and recently unveiled its latest v6.0 technology earlier this month at a packed Developers Expo in London, UK. Third-party software developers, content and service providers can register free of charge to download the Java and C++ software development kits issued at this Developers Expo from (

"Since the formation of Symbian we've focused on delivering our `convergence' platform, closely integrating mobile phone technology with mobile computing capabilities, to drive a wide-range of next generation mobile phones from our many licensees. Having shipped Symbian platform v6.0 to licensees last quarter we're delighted to see Nokia now announcing the Nokia 9210 - the world's first Symbian based Communicator," said Colly Myers, CEO, Symbian. "The Nokia 9210 is the first device of many to take advantage of our open platform approach, enabling third party companies to deliver additional applications, services and content to all users of Symbian-based devices."

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