Nokia to Embed IntraNet Solutions' Wireless Viewing Technology in the New Nokia 9210 Communicator

Users Empowered to Access Business Content Anytime, Anywhere

IntraNet Solutions(R), Inc. (Nasdaq:INRS), a leading provider of Web content management solutions, today announced that Nokia Corp. (NYSE:NOK), the world's leading manufacturer of wireless handsets, will embed IntraNet Solutions' Outside In(R) Viewer Technology in the new Nokia 9210 Communicator. The companies have been collaborating for more than a year to develop integrated technology that will provide wireless email users and corporate mobile data users with unprecedented access to information from standard office files.

The Nokia 9210 Communicator will be equipped with Nokia File Viewer, an application that was developed using IntraNet Solutions' Outside In Viewer Technology (OIVT). This viewing technology, which was recently released for the Symbian software platform for next-generation smart phones and communicators, gives users the ability to view more than 75 file formats created in standard business applications on their mobile phones, without needing access to the native application. Users are therefore able to easily open and view email attachments and other business content, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, graphics and zipped files, on their mobile phones.

The Nokia 9210 Communicator was announced at the Nokia Mobile Internet Conference in Prague last week. It is a GSM 900/1800 mobile phone with an integrated full keyboard, Internet connectivity, high quality color display and personal information management features. The Nokia 9210 Communicator is a continuation of the Nokia Communicator product category, and the company's first device functioning on Symbian's EPOC operating platform.

"Our agreement with Nokia demonstrates the strong acceptance of our Outside In Viewer Technology in the wireless market," said Robert Olson, chief executive officer of IntraNet Solutions. "We believe that our mobile solutions are becoming a standard in the industry, and we are committed to continually enhancing our technology to meet the growing needs of the wireless marketplace."

"Mobile email and corporate mobile applications require the ability to access information in native formats from source documents," added Scott Norder, president of the Information Exchange Division of IntraNet Solutions. "We're delighted that through this cooperation with Nokia we have been able to address this requirement by bringing our Outside In Viewer Technology to users of Nokia's Symbian-based wireless devices."

IntraNet Solutions' Outside In Viewer Technology is currently used by more than 200 OEMs such as Hummingbird, FileNET and Lucent Technologies, and is also the basis of the company's popular Quick View Plus product for the desktop.

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