Schlumberger Delivers Full-Featured, Secure Wireless Mobile Banking Solution to Microcell

Solution Offers Network Operators an Advantage in the Value-Added Services Marketplace

Schlumberger Test & Transactions, a business segment of Schlumberger Limited (NYSE:SLB), today announced that a team from its expert Wireless Application Services (WAS) center has delivered a full-featured, secure mobile banking solution to leading Canadian GSM service provider Microcell Solutions Inc.

To ensure that the solution met Microcell's specific needs, the WAS team managed the entire complex process -- from requirement analysis and design through delivery. The proximity of the Schlumberger team, its specialized expertise and its established processes helped the operator speed time to market for the recent launch of their full-featured banking service that operates via wireless handsets in conjunction with Royal Bank of Canada.

"Operators are breaking new ground with the latest generations of value-added services. They need access to leading-edge, specialty wireless management skill sets as well as state of-the-art products," said Stephan le Gentil, vice president, Mobile Communication Solutions, Schlumberger Network Solutions. "This is precisely why we established our WAS network -- to give our operator partners a real advantage in the value-added services marketplace."

As consumer confidence is vital to the success of advanced value-added services, the WAS team implemented an end-to-end encryption scheme to ensure the security of transactions between Microcell subscribers and Royal Bank of Canada. The full-featured solution is based upon the Schlumberger leading-edge SIM (subscriber identity module)-based Cyberflex(tm) Simera(tm) Classic 32K Java(tm)-based smart card, Aremis(tm) 4.1 server platform and the Schlumberger Secure Mobile Banking Gateway (SMG) which provides end-to-end encryption security. The solution enables Microcell to deploy, manage and run a highly secure SIM-based mobile banking service.

"The Schlumberger mobile banking solution enables us to utilize our existing mobile phone infrastructure to deploy SIM-based services with high levels of security and at very low cost," said Sean Dalton, vice president, Marketing, Microcell Solutions Inc. "It represents a major breakthrough in B2C (business-to-consumer) mobile marketing."

The proven efficacy of the QWIP(tm) (Quick Wireless Integration Process) service delivered by Schlumberger WAS centers worldwide, and the proximity of the WAS team to operators, were key factors in bringing the new mobile banking solution to market. The solution empowers Microcell and Royal Bank of Canada to offer wireless banking transactions such as account balance access for checking, savings, lines-of-credit or Visa(tm) transactions, funds transfer, bill payments and rates.

The WAS network is designed to deliver Schlumberger value-added service expertise to mobile telecommunication operators from 11 centers across North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. It offers expert application development, validation and proven deployment processes plus ease of communication and a rapid understanding that only a local continental presence can provide. The specialty wireless skills required by network operators are developed and maintained by the Schlumberger "Wireless University" through structured, lifelong learning programs.

For Microcell, WAS provided a solution based on Schlumberger Cyberflex Simera 32K advanced Java-based SIM cards, SIM ToolKit applications and the Aremis server platform. The highest levels of security, indispensable for mobile banking and m-commerce, are provided by the Schlumberger Secure Mobile Banking Gateway. This enables support of full, end-to-end triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption between the Simera cards and the bank's content distributor.

Schlumberger Network Solutions, the world's leader in smart card-based application development for telecommunications, benefits operators and financial institutions with its full-featured, end-to-end mobile banking solution. Schlumberger leads the North American market in SIM toolkit application development, new components and technologies.

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