Symbian Licenses Nokia WAP Browser Technology

Symbian Developer Expo-Symbian, the leading supplier of next generation mobile phone software, today announced that it has licensed Nokia's WAP browser technology for commercial use. Symbian will include Nokia browser technology with its already popular mobile phone software platform.

The Symbian platform provides an operating system, system layer, application engines and user interfaces that are designed for a wide range of Smartphones and Communicators. Incorporating leading technologies such as Java, Bluetooth and WAP, Symbian has already licensed its platform to industry leaders such as Ericsson, Matsushita, Motorola, Nokia, Philips, Psion, Sanyo and Sony.

The current release of the Nokia browser is WAP compliant with support for WML 1.2, WML Script, and supports Push functionality. "A key element of the Symbian platform is the flexibility it brings to mobile phone manufacturers," said Jeremy Copp, VP Business Relationships of Symbian. "Adding Nokia WAP Browser technology brings new functionality to our offering while maintaining the flexibility that is so essential to our customers." The Nokia WAP Browser is based on the software that Nokia has deployed in the world's first WAP compliant handsets, the Nokia 7100 Series media phone and the Nokia 9110i Communicator platforms. "Nokia is a strong supporter of the Symbian platform," said Pertti Lounamaa, vice president, Nokia Internet Communications. "This is a way for us to add value to that platform and continue to encourage WAP compliant technology throughout the industry." The Nokia WAP Browser is licensed to Symbian as source code, which enhances Symbian's and its licensees' opportunities for customization and interoperability improvements. Handset and PDA manufacturers can, for example, add new features to their products and securely integrate them with the WAP browser.

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