Yodlee and Palm Bring the Power of Personal Account Aggregation to MyPalm Portal Users

Users to Manage Bank Balances, Stock Portfolios, Travel Reservations, Bills and More

Yodlee, the pioneer and leading provider of account aggregation services, and Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq:PALM), the leading provider of handheld computers, today announced an agreement to create the MyInfo service, a Yodlee-powered aggregation service available to all wirelessly enabled Palm(TM) handheld computer users. An integrated component of Palm's new MyPalm(TM) portal, announced separately today, the MyInfo service gives MyPalm users one-click access to all their personal information. Users can access and manage bank balances, stock portfolios, travel reservations, bills, and more -- from thousands of providers in a single web clipping application.

"The MyPalm portal is a perfect fit for our aggregation service because it puts users' highly relevant, personal information right at their fingertips -- providing the ultimate convenience for the mobile user," said Anil Arora, chief executive officer of Yodlee.com. "Our collaboration with Palm creates a truly personal experience for wirelessly enabled Palm handheld users."

"Consumers want the convenience of having their disparate information pulled together in one easy-to-access place," said Frances Hoge, vice president, content and marketing for Content and Access, at Palm, Inc. "Yodlee represents this type of next-generation solution that we believe will drive the continued adoption of handheld computers."

MyInfo Wireless Capabilities

The MyInfo service enables users to do the following:

-- access personal information from more than 2,000 websites --

        including bank balances, travel reservations, investments,
        e-mail subject headers, news headlines, bills and shopping
        orders -- directly on the MyPalm portal or on their Palm
        handhelds with a single, secure login;

    --  view real-time summaries of all their recent account
        activities in one place;

    --  insert personal account information from the web directly into
        Date Book, Memo, and To Do applications on the handheld; and

    --  sign up and add new web accounts directly from their Palm

The MyInfo service helps simplify life with convenient access to all the information that matters most -- anywhere, anytime. In addition, it leverages Certicom ECC and SSL security technologies to protect sensitive user data in transit, and employs advanced secure network infrastructure and physical security measures to keep user data private.

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