Delivers Wireless Ads Over ShareSpan's Wireless Messaging Network

Partnership Earns Additional Revenue for Both ShareSpan and Its Affiliate Partners

ShareSpan, Inc. (, a leading provider of outsource wireless messaging services, today announced a strategic partnership with will provide advertising within messages delivered through ShareSpan's advanced wireless delivery infrastructure, which covers a host of wireless devices and platforms, ranging from handheld PDAs to SMS-enabled pagers and cellular phones.

"ShareSpan is the perfect vehicle for any size business to enter into the wireless space," said Joe Rubin, Executive Vice President and co-founder of ShareSpan, Inc. "Working with to deliver wireless ads within our messages now gives our affiliate partners a strong revenue stream without having to worry about inventory fulfillment on their own. We can now provide an end-to-end solution for those people looking to break into the wireless arena. ShareSpan's platform looks after all essential aspects for them, from content and delivery through advertising and payment. We offer an entire turn-key solution."

"ShareSpan's partnership marks a valuable addition to our wireless network. It allows us to leverage our performance-based advertising solutions across the full spectrum of wireless channels. Our expertise in Internet and wireless advertising is the perfect fit with ShareSpan's messaging capabilities," said Peter Daboll, President and Chief Operating Officer of

Although most of ShareSpan's revenue is generated via large, private-label partnerships, a significant part of ShareSpan's business also comes from small to midsize companies utilizing ShareSpan technology to send out business-critical and time-sensitive information. In each delivered message, a wireless advertisement is inserted, earning both ShareSpan and its affiliate partner valuable revenue.

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