Big Hammer Enables RIM, Palm And Cellular Users To Now Access And Read Attachments

Big Hammer Group Inc., an innovator of information exchange solutions today launched its EzBriefcase(TM) product.

EzBriefcase(TM) is the ultimate information exchange platform providing users with a rich suite of integrated communication applications enabling anytime, anywhere access to information.

EzBriefcase(TM) is a single integrated solution that offers users access to critical information over multiple devices, web, cell phones, RIM, Palm, and other PDA's to give the user maximum efficiency and enabling information communication exchange cost effectively anytime, anywhere.

The product is fully integrated, offering users the 'best of breed' applications and enabling access to information from anywhere -anytime. "There is a problem that exists in the marketplace. Narrowly focused IT solutions have added barriers to exchanging information. The high cost of local server based solutions, plus the existence of incompatible platforms and operating systems, combined with multiple layers of data that can't relate and the fact that the information is simply not portable provided the impetus and need for this solution. With EzBriefcase(TM), all that is needed is access to any web browser, no hardware investment, no software investment, no learning, no training or time to deploy - but rather quick, easy to use, maintenance free and very affordable access. The internet is about enabling communication. EzBriefcase(TM) and EzBriefcaseplus(TM), the robust suite of information exchange applications delivers on the go information exchange capabilities for the SOHO, small, medium, and large enterprise users," explained Joel Hock, President, Big Hammer.

EzBriefcase(TM) is one of the first web-based products to offer a collaborative suite of applications with this substantive degree of functionality. It is also WAP (cell phone) enabled. provides tremendous email functionality as well as the ability to read attachments and access to files and file sharing capacity.

EzBriefcase(TM) is also RIM and Palm enabled ( and EzBriefcase(TM) users through their RIM and Palm devices now have the opportunity to view attachments, such as Word, WordPerfect and Rich Text documents. "The ability to access and read attachment documents has not been available on a RIM or Palm product before today. Big Hammer has increased the effectiveness and efficiency for users of RIM and Palm products. I believe that we are the first to provide RIM and Palm users with this functionality," states Tony Ellington - VP Operations.

EzBriefcase(TM) currently offers EzMail, a truly web-based mail application that allows users to manage multiple POP email accounts in one, view attachments without having to download and access emails from any Internet-linked computer; and EzFile, an application that allows users to share files with anyone that has internet or wireless access and a common off-site storage facility. The more robust suite EzBriefcaseplus(TM) which will be available very soon, will also contain EzScheduling, a scheduling program that synchronizes multiple schedules and provides pop-up reminders to your desktop, cell phone, and handheld devices; EzManager, a web-based project management system that allows the user to assign projects, assign tasks and monitor multiple project assignments, track all associated costs, wages, out-of-pocket expenses, generate real time budgetary statements and share and collaborate on all associated documents; EzTracker is used to assign, reassign, and track sales/service calls automatically or manually, multiple access levels based on need-to-know, real time reporting features and real time payroll administration; EzMessaging, the instant messaging system for EzBriefcase(TM), sends messages and attached files to computer desktop, cell phone, and handheld devices; and EzCollaborator, that allows multiple users to work simultaneously in real time on the same file.

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