BSQUARE Announces New Version of WinDK Extension for Bluetooth for Windows CE Operating System

Product Meets Demand for Bluetooth Wireless Communication Capabilities on Windows CE-based devices

BSQUARE Corporation (Nasdaq: BSQR) is making Bluetooth wireless technology available for devices running Windows® CE with a new version of its WinDK™ Extension for Bluetooth. The new version will include tools and software to enable developers to seamlessly attach Bluetooth hardware to the Microsoft Windows CE operating system. BSQUARE is demonstrating some of the Windows CE features of this new product at the Bluetooth Developers Conference using a Compaq iPAQ and National Semiconductor® Geode™ WebPAD™ reference design in booth #210.

The WinDK Extension for Bluetooth for Windows CE will be an important addition to BSQUARE’s growing portfolio of wireless solutions for the intelligent computing device market. BSQUARE will license the product in conjunction with a fully qualified Bluetooth Software Stack. Qualification of the Bluetooth Software stack by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) ensures compatibility of the Bluetooth stack with worldwide Bluetooth technology standards as well as interoperability with other devices using Bluetooth.

“Bluetooth is an excellent wireless communication technology for any number of devices, especially mobile devices. Combined with the dominance of Windows CE on many of the new consumer and industrial mobile devices in development today, there is high demand for a CE version of our popular Bluetooth software product,” said Paul Lever, director of BSQUARE’s Platform Technologies Group.

According to Allied Business Intelligence (ABI), the steady growth of devices communicating via Bluetooth technology will grow to over 1.4 billion by 2005 compared to just 56 million next year. However, Bluetooth’s scope of adoption is not limited to these devices; the first Bluetooth-enabled devices are due to become generally available in the fourth quarter of this year and Bluetooth transceivers embedded in everything from PC equipment to industrial control devices will begin appearing in the market in 2001. The WinDK Extension for Bluetooth and Bluetooth stack provide the solutions needed by Bluetooth developers in these new and rapidly growing markets.

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