BSQUARE Forms Strategic Alliances To Provide Comprehensive Bluetooth Solutions

BSQUARE and Partner Technologies Will Power Tomorrow's Wireless Devices

BSQUARE Corporation (Nasdaq:BSQR) has teamed with top industry leaders to provide integrated hardware and software solutions for developing devices employing Bluetooth wireless technology.

Through new alliances with leading Bluetooth companies including National Semiconductor (NYSE:NSM), Silicon Wave, Socket Communications (Nasdaq:SCKT), NSM Technology Ltd., Brain Boxes and Digianswer Corporation, BSQUARE and its alliance partners offer a rich base of knowledge and products that reduce development time and costs for creating devices incorporating Bluetooth wireless technology.

The inclusion of Bluetooth on any mobile or stationary device requires several Bluetooth-specific hardware and software components. The relationships between BSQUARE and its allies offer the market a leading source of Bluetooth expertise for developing and manufacturing Bluetooth-enabled systems.

"This is an incredibly exciting time with wireless device communication rapidly becoming a reality," said Paul Lever, Business Unit Director of BSQUARE's Platform Technologies Group. "Forming alliances with the industry leaders will provide a wealth of solutions to escalate the deployment of devices with Bluetooth wireless technology. We are proud to be in such great company and look forward to the future business we will conduct with our alliance partners."

National Semiconductor, whose technology has enabled the first Bluetooth-qualified radio, and NSM Technology Ltd. are licensing BSQUARE's WinDK(TM) Extension for Bluetooth software plus the fully qualified software stack from BSQUARE partner Digianswer. This will be used for deploying the world's first Bluetooth qualified Radio/Baseband USB Dongle Connector. "BSQUARE's Windows CE protocol software stack is an essential `glue' to this exciting new product," said Jim Benefer, Product Marketing Manager at National Semiconductor. "By incorporating our new dongle, manufactured by NSM Technology Ltd., OEMs can bring true cable-free computing to market faster and with full confidence of interoperability."

Silicon Wave and BSQUARE have formed a co-marketing relationship that also includes potential future software integration. As one of the first companies to join the Bluetooth SIG, Silicon Wave has developed a highly integrated radio modem that combines all radio, modem and synthesizer functions. The Odyssey(TM) SiW1502(TM) Radio Modem IC provides significant competitive advantages in power consumption, size and performance, at low cost. Working with the entire Bluetooth-qualified Odyssey solution and BSQUARE's Bluetooth software development kit ensures qualification and interoperability with the Bluetooth wireless technology standard.

Socket Communications, Inc., an Associate Member of the Bluetooth SIG, develops and markets the Personal Network Card (PNC), a CompactFlash CF I/O Type I Bluetooth adapter that meets Socket's standard for low power "Battery Friendly" power consumption. The co-marketing relationship encompasses preferred partner activities, customer co-referrals, and potential future software integration. Using Socket's PNC and BSQUARE's WinDK Extension for Bluetooth, developers can easily develop and deploy their Bluetooth enabled products including handheld-to-mobile phones, handheld-to-handheld, handheld-to-desktop, handheld-to-peripheral, handheld-to-embedded system and other Bluetooth applications.

A member of the Bluetooth SIG, Brain Boxes offers one of the widest ranges of Bluetooth hardware products including a Bluetooth PC Card, Bluetooth USB Adapter, Bluetooth Compact Flash Type I, Bluetooth RS232 Dongle and Bluetooth RS232 Converter. BSQUARES's WinDK Extension for Bluetooth provides seamless integration of the Brain Boxes hardware into a supported Windows operating system enabling customers to integrate the Brain Boxes Bluetooth hardware with a fully qualified Bluetooth stack.

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