Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Selects Mobile and Wireless Tools from Odyssey Software

Cap Gemini Ernst and Young (CGE&Y) announced today that they have chosen mobile application data access infrastructure from Odyssey Software as the toolset for seamless development and deployment of wireless and mobile enterprise applications throughout their Scandinavian mobile practice. Odyssey Software products selected for use by CGE&Y includes ViaXML and CEfusion. ViaXML is a powerful open standards based mobile and wireless application infrastructure that enables web services to be exposed and called over the Internet on both mobile PDA and Win32 platforms, while CEfusion is a rich set of tools and infrastructure for building and deploying robust mobile enterprise applications using the core Microsoft Windows DNA data access technologies for Pocket PCs and other devices powered by Windows CE.

Effective wireless mobile applications can be created more rapidly with Odyssey Software technology because the familiar desktop development experience is extended to the mobile application development environment. The flexible toolsets from Odyssey Software enable a wide range of developer choice: whether the mobile application calls for secure encrypted data transfer over the Internet, direct peer-to-peer interaction, application controlled synchronization, or traditional client-server data access architectures with automatic software distribution. This wide range of capabilities enables Cap Gemini Ernst & Young developers to take advantage of their familiarity with Win32 development strategies and to quickly build a new class of high performance mobile applications.

"Odyssey Software's tools are ideal for the new class of highly scalable mobile and wireless applications that will drive the success of the wireless enterprise at the velocity that the market requires," said Andreas Sjostrom, Consultant Mobile Solutions, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. "With these rich mobile connectivity options available, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young developers can easily deliver on the promise of wireless and mobility's successful integration with the business processes of our customers."

"Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is recognized world-wide as a leader in helping traditional businesses and "dot companies" continue to implement growth strategies and leverage technology in the new economy, and they clearly understand how easily effective mobile applications can be developed using our technology," said Mark Gentile, president of Odyssey Software. "Our tools are all about power and choice - developers are able to choose whether pure on-line access, or a hybrid of on-line and disconnected operation, is the most effective mobile architecture for the business application that they are building."

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