CitiWiz and Pocket-IT launch location services

Now you can find your way around Europes capitals on your WAP phone. If you are looking for directions to the nearest Restaurant or Trendy bar, or need directions to the famous Munch Museum in Oslo the answers are in your hand in a matter of seconds. The launch of this new and comprehensive service is a result of a recent agreement between CitiWiz and Pocket IT.

Together CitiWiz and Pocket-IT will change the way people navigate major cities around the world. This next generation of services allows CitiWiz not only to offer addresses and reviews, but also maps and/or routing services (turn-by turn directions) via Pocket-ITs LocationASP service. Today CitiWiz launched the initial mapping services for Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. CitiWiz and Pocket-IT have announced an aggressive roll-out strategy that will cover all major cities in western Europe by mid 2001. Services will include mapping, routing and proximity search (find nearest).

Not only are we able to give our customers the address of the British embassy in Oslo, or an English speaking dentist in Paris, we can also offer them turn by turn directions, guiding them from point A to B. says CitiWiz CEO Jan C Berger.

With this partnership, we at Pocket-IT believe that travelers will now have an excellent guidance tool in the palm of their hand, thanks to our location services being combined with updated, relevant and high quality city guide information. says Pocket-IT CEO Petter Nyborg.

Today, CitiWiz is a leading global wireless city guide that focuses on local high quality information, that is quickly delivered and features a low click depth. Beginning in February 2001, CitiWiz services will be available on all Internet connected devices, including Internet ready Cell phones, PDAs, WEB TV, etc. CitiWiz already has many distribution channels through Telcos and independent WAP portals, and will now add a new dimension to their services with their location based services. It is recognized that portals want turnkey services with as many added functions as possible.

Pocket-IT provides location services to content providers through their LocationASP model. Pocket-ITs services recognizes the kind of terminal used by customers and customizes the output for that specific terminal, which is crucial in order to deliver large scale map data to such small devices. The maps are easy to use and have added functions such as zooming and panning from any point of interest.

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