Columbitech announces the death of the WAP gateway Swedish software company releases free WAP server

The Swedish software company Columbitech has made a version of its WAP server available for free download from the company’s web site. Anyone can now establish an access point for WAP terminals without having to pay for the necessary software. Columbitech’s purpose with the move is to encourage corporate hosting of mobile solutions by letting the companies try out different WAP applications.

“What we are seeing is the death of the WAP gateway. In the future it won’t be possible to charge for WAP.” says Pontus Bergdahl, CEO of Columbitech. “The mobile operators normally charge quite hefty prices for their WAP services, and several of our competitors are marketing very expensive WAP gateways. But over time, the only thing you can really charge for is security. “

Security means customer value Since November, Columbitech has been selling the Columbitech WAP Connector™, its WAP server product. In contrast to the free version and all competing gateway solution, it incorporates so called “end-to-end” security, which solves the well-known security problems normally associated with WAP deployment. The server is based on industry standards and is fully integrated with the web server. It is selling at $4.000, including up to 100 concurrent users.

Browse your email via WAP The industrial grade WAP server is also accompanied by a complete WAP email sample application. The application can be connected to the corporate email system through a Microsoft Exchange Server. This makes it possible to read email directly from a WAP-enabled mobile phone or PDA.

Talented developers will be pleased to learn that Columbitech also gives away the source code to the WAP email application, making it possible to improve or extend the application depending on taste and needs.

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