ContactDetails launches innovative WAP service – The end of directory enquiries?

ContactDetails today announced the launch of its WAP service. The communications company officially launched its Web service in July 2000, and has been developing this part of its wireless offering over the last six months.

The ContactDetails service acts as an engine for disseminating up-to-date contact information for organisations, companies, portals, ISPs, mobile operators and individuals. The service, free to individuals, allows users to create an online, self-updating address book. Optimised for wireless devices, and designed with third generation mobile services in mind, ContactDetails acts as a device-independent platform that is secure and always up-to-date. ContactDetails was founded in response to the general proliferation of constantly changing contact information and, through its unique CD-ID concept, aims to create a single point of consistency amidst the change.

The fast and intuitive WAP site is the perfect complement to the successful fixed-line site. The WAP service allows users to access the up-to-date contact information stored at ContactDetails - anywhere and at any time. Once a user has found a friend or other contact’s number at ContactDetails, the service allows them to simply “click and connect” directly from their phone, thereby dispensing with the need for pen and paper address books, and saving the user from remembering complicated phone numbers and other contact details.

The launch of the wireless service follows the successful growth of the fixed-line version, which has expanded rapidly since July. The combination of a self-updating address book, simple user interface and high levels of security have proved particularly popular with individuals and organisations alike. Having expanded into Australasia, Japan, Asia and Continental Europe, ContactDetails is now developing its service for SMS text-messaging and voice access. ContactDetails was also recently announced as the European launch candidate for Sun Microsystems Start-Up Accelerator Programme and has developed its WAP service on an extremely secure and stable technology platform based on Sun, Sybase and PSINet solutions.

Kris Cudmore, CEO of ContactDetails, said at the WAP launch “This is a significant milestone for the company. We now have a free service that gives access across multiple devices to up-to-date contact information. Not only is it extremely quick, it’s also extremely easy to navigate. We believe this service is a killer app for WAP.”

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