CSR/Impulsesoft Partnership Delivers Bluetooth to PCs; Collaboration provides seamless transition to Bluetooth

CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) and Impulsesoft have announced a collaboration that provides Bluetooth functionality to Windows-based PCs. A combination of Impulsesoft's BluePC(TM) software and a Bluetooth module based on BlueCore01(TM), the single-chip Bluetooth solution from CSR, enables Bluetooth-connected devices to be accessed from Windows applications. OEMs will be able to build Bluetooth compatibility into their PCs, laptops and handheld devices with almost no development cost or delay.

The two companies are working together to create Bluetooth modules based on CSR's BlueCore to operate with Impulsesoft's BluePC software. The joint effort will provide a solution fully qualified by the Bluetooth(TM) qualification body, giving users the confidence that the product meets the Bluetooth specification. BluePC is fully qualified, and qualified Bluetooth modules based on BlueCore01 are available from ALPS, a major supplier of Bluetooth modules. Other manufacturers, such as Fujitsu Media Device and Mitsumi, are in the process of gaining qualification for their BlueCore01-based modules.

"This announcement is about a shrink-wrapped Bluetooth solution," commented Glenn Collinson, marketing director of CSR. "It allows PC users to view nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices, select the ones of interest and establish a wireless connection. The userís experience of connecting via a Bluetooth link will be exactly the same as with any other PC communication port."

K. Srikrishna, Impulsesoft CEO, added, "Our partnership with CSR has enabled us to provide a whole solution, and now PC OEMs can buy a complete, fully qualified Bluetooth solution off the shelf. Through such partnerships, Impulsesoft will continue to provide its customers PC and embedded applications that help end users to seamlessly move from a connected experience to a wireless experience."

Impulsesoft's BluePC is a high-performance, versatile Bluetooth stack driver solution specifically for the PC. It operates as a WDM driver that allows for network access and serial port emulation for the applications over the Bluetooth wireless medium. This partnership provides a Bluetooth solution for Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms. Software drivers interact with the lower Bluetooth stack over a number of interfaces including USB, UART and PC Card interfaces.

CSR and Impulsesoft have signed an MOU to cover this alliance and to support the joint marketing and customer support of this complete qualified solution. The partnership brings easy Bluetooth support to the range of Windows-based computing devices with short and predictable development times and costs.

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