Launch of Mobile Productivity Center, Public Introduction of 802.11 Local Area Network

Lead Delphi’s Communiport® Mobile MultiMedia News at 2001 CES

Media Briefing at Delphi CES Exhibit from 11 a.m. to Noon on Saturday, Jan. 6, 2001

TROY, Mich. – Two product launches and a major technology introduction highlight Delphi Automotive Systems (NYSE: DPH) news at the International Consumer Electronics Show, to be held Jan. 6-9, 2001, in Las Vegas.

The product launches include Delphi’s Communiport® Mobile Productivity Center and Rear-Seat Entertainment System. The technology introduction is 802.11, a wireless networking technology that allows for the exchange of information between a vehicle and a home or office environment.

The three technologies, along with Delphi’s entire portfolio of Communiport®-branded mobile multimedia products, will be showcased at the company’s exhibit at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Gold Pavilion, Booth 15025).

“Our Communiport technologies at CES will demonstrate how Delphi is providing innovative solutions to address consumer demand for personalized entertainment, added convenience and mobile productivity for their vehicles,” said Dave Wohleen, Delphi president, Electronics & Mobile Communications sector. “With our in-house automotive and integration expertise, and through our partnerships with leading consumer electronics companies, Delphi will bring these innovative products to the market quickly.”

Delphi’s CES technology highlights include the following:

Between now and CES, Delphi will publicly launch its Communiport® Mobile Productivity Center (MPC), announcing pricing, distribution and availability details.

The MPC is a new electronics device designed to help busy consumers stay organized in their vehicles. The unit synchronizes certain Ericsson cellular telephone modules with a Palm V or Vx personal digital assistant, and then allows drivers to access the Palm information and make hands-free phone calls through voice commands and text-to-speech software.


Delphi’s Rear-Seat Entertainment System, to be publicly launched in February 2001, will allow rear-seat passengers to play Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) movies, CDs or plug-in game platforms. The system is designed for easy installation and removal, and is so versatile that it fits almost any car or truck with a rear seat regardless of size.


Delphi, 3Com and Kerbando will demonstrate the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802.11b wireless networking technology and Internet radio technology during CES. This network allows for a wireless exchange of information between a home or office and a vehicle. Software that connects with the Kerbango tuning service, allows specific content to be automatically downloaded to assigned presets on the radio enabling a driver to download pre-recorded audio from sources such as syndicated radio programs.


In additional to wireless local networks, Delphi has expanded into satellite radio beams with the first mobile Satellite Digital Audio Receiver Service (SDARS) receiving system. Using a Cadillac DeVille, Delphi will demonstrate SDARS capability during CES by show casing 44 of the 100 possible accessible stations. Satellite radio delivers non-stop, digital-quality music, news and entertainment to mobile or non-mobile radios for a small monthly service fee. Delphi anticipates announcing new SDARS business during its press conference.

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