…World’s First Mobile Medical Service Goes Live On The Internet…

PocketDoctorä, Europe’s first wireless medical service, is today available on the internet.   Consumers already have access to ‘a doctor in your pocket’ for information about the everyday stresses and strains of life by using theira mobile phone - , now it is available on every desktop or laptop computer with a connection to the Net.

Initially PocketDoctorä will have four services on the net:

·        DoctorQ – A service devised by Dr Phil Hammond, from TV’s “Trust Me I’m A Doctor”, outlining the questions you should ask your doctor in specific situations. For example, when you're given a prescription or offered an operation, or when you want more information about your illness.  Many patients come away from their appointments wishing they had asked more questions.  DoctorQ is a valuable reminder to use before consultation.  How likely is my treatment to work? What are the alternatives? How many operations of this type have you done? What have your results been?

·        Health-E-Refä - This is a brand new comprehensive medical encyclopedia, written by Dr Michael Apple, specifically for HealthAmigo, owners of PocketDoctorä.  It contains easy to find and understand explanations of a wide range of medical conditions, searchable alphabetically or by body zone.

·        Symptom Analyser – This will give patients an analysis of symptoms associated with a wide range of illnesses.  It is broken down into body zones and suggests possible explanations of these symptoms categorised as COMMON, POSSIBLE and RARE.

·        Online GP Advice – PocketDoctorä offers access to medical advice online from a UK registered and approved General Practitioner.

The web site is situated at www.pocketdoctor.co.uk, the wireless service can be reached by any internet enabled mobile phone at wap.pocketdoctor.co.uk.  It can also be reached using a WAP emulator, also available on the web site. All the information provided has been checked by HealthAmigo’s medical and ethical committee, led by Dr Michael Apple and Dr Phil Hammond – both practising doctors. 

Rob Wilson, Managing Director, HealthAmigo, said: “PocketDoctor’sä wireless service has proved to be a big hit with our customers, receiving several awards and award nominations.  It can proudly claim to be one of the UK’s most visited WAP sites in the UK and the most visited wireless medical service.” 

“Our mission is to ensure people have access to evidence-based information so that they can make informed decisions about their own health.  Widening access to PocketDoctorä will enable us to achieve this.  PocketDoctor, a Doctor in your Pocket, is designed to give patients health information and services wherever they are and however they want to access them. 

Dr Phil Hammond continued: “Research has clearly shown that patients who are involved in decisions about their diagnosis and treatment do better, and yet too many are still too in awe of doctors.  My opening article for PocketDoctorä about the quest for truth in the medical profession, sets the challenge we face in context.” 

PocketDoctor has been produced by Internet service agency Future Platforms, who were contracted by Good Technology to design and implement the services and provide ongoing strategy and development. "PocketDoctor is an excellent example of what we believe to be the future of Internet services: high-quality content consistently accessed through a disparate range of devices, presented in an appropriate manner for each", explained Tom Hume, Director of Future Platforms.

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