Ericsson's new A2628 makes WAP available for everyone

Ericsson's determination to bring WAP to all consumer segments was further stressed today when the company announced its new WAP phone A2628 at the TelecomAsia fair in Hong Kong. A2628, which is the successor to the A2618, contains a WAP 1.1 browser and is Ericsson's seventh product that supports WAP. It will be available during the first quarter 2001. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) gives users of mobile devices the ability to access information and services at any time. Being one of the founders of the WAP Forum, Ericsson has a strong commitment to support and develop the global WAP standard. Ericsson's Mobile Companion MC218 was the first commercially available product that supported WAP and it has been followed by R320, R380, R520, A2618, T20 and now A2628.

The new A2628 is an affordable entry-level phone that confirms that mobile Internet is an everyday thing and WAP a feature for everyone. The number of WAP sites are steadily increasing and there are many which are not all about banking and stock trading. News, shopping and messaging gain a lot of interest and entertainment services, such as games and gambling are attractive to many people. "We see WAP as one of several basic features of our phones and in that sense WAP doesn't differ from functions such as voice recognition and SMS", said Jan Ahrenbring, Vice President, Marketing Communications at Ericsson. "Ericsson's aim is to put WAP in all our mobiles because the mobile Internet has something to offer everyone,", said Ahrenbring. Ericsson estimates that over 20 million WAP phones will be sold during 2000, a figure that is expected to be more than doubled 2001. And with more WAP phones and WAP users, the number of WAP services will continue to increase. The A2628 offers WAP over GSM Data (Circuit Switched Data) as well as over SMS. Consequently, A2628 lets users enjoy all the benefits of WAP sites such as Ericsson Mobile Internet, a WAP portal specifically designed for mobile use. Here users find all the extras they need to support the A2628 - downloadable ring tones, fun games, news, information, and a host of exciting links to other WAP sites. Besides its WAP functionality, the new A2628 can be personalized in many ways, like the A2618, with exchangeable snap-on covers and by the start-up shows, where you can be greeted by a favourite song and a picture of a loved-one or a celebrity when turning on the phone. The A2628 is the latest addition to Ericsson's A-class family of phones. These phones are fun, easy to use and offer value for money. Measuring just 131x51x25mm and weighing a mere 140g, the A2628 contains many more advanced features such as voice recognition and profiles that let you adjust your phone to different situations. A2628 uses both text and icons in its menu system and offers help texts if you need extra guidance. Its full graphic display shows four lines of text and it has three interesting and amusing games.

There are Tetris, Erix and Maze that will help you relax and unwind, or just keep you occupied between calls.

Two versions of the A2628 will be produced, the A2628s, and the A2628sc which features a complete Chinese interface, allowing you to send and receive Chinese SMS messages and also letting you store Chinese names in the phone book.

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