Ericsson chosen as 3G/UMTS supplier by Swisscom

Ericsson has been chosen by Swisscom Mobile as the supplier of a 3G UMTS network. The multi-year contract covers a complete, end to end solution including all needed equipment and services. Swisscom Mobile was awarded a UMTS license December 6. The license takes effect on January 1, 2002 and will be valid for 15 years. UMTS (Universal

Mobile Telecommunications System) is the third-generation mobile radio system that creates additional mobile radio capacity and enables mobile Internet applications such as mobile video transmission, while also providing high-speed Internet access. Swisscom cited commercial and technical considerations as well as the capability to ensure system availability on time as decisive factors in having selected Ericsson to supply their 3G system.

Swisscom together with Ericsson will begin field tests of their new system during late 2001, and will commence commercial service in 2002. Initial launch of 3G services will be in the larger urban centers in the country.

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