Ericsson delivers WISE Portal to Speedy Tomato Ericsson has been selected by Speedy Tomato, owned by the Swedish operator Telia, for development of the Speedy Tomato portal.

 The agreement includes delivery of the WISE Portal, Ericsson's mobile portal solution supporting early commercial launch of Mobile Internet applications. - To us it is incredibly important to tie up the best competencies within this field. All to ensure that our portal will be competitive on the European market, says Zeth Nyström, CEO at Speedy Tomato. Ericsson will deliver WISE Portal, enabling operators to tailor a portal according to their own market and end-user preferences. Portal users may personalize and access a wide array of services. Included in the agreement is also development of applications, adjustment of content and integration of systems. - Speedy Tomato's choice of Ericsson as their supplier of portal and services for Mobile Internet, confirms Ericsson's leading position within this field. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration and development of new solutions with Speedy Tomato, says Lars Boman, Vice President and General Manager, Ericsson Internet Applications. 

The services in the Speedy Tomato portal will support people in their everyday life and in their interactions with friends and family. Examples of services are a personal calendar and address-book, e-mail straight to your mobile phone, individually tailored news, adverts from personally selected companies, news about finance, sports, etc. During the year a very close cooperation between Speedy Tomato and Ericsson has resulted in the portal Speedy Tomato, launched in the UK at the end of November. A close cooperation and continued collaboration will, in the long term, contribute to securing services and contents in the Speedy Tomato portal.

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