Ericsson launches its first i-mode phone in Japan with NTT DoCoMo

Ericsson launches its first i-mode enabled mobile phone to NTT DoCoMo for nationwide launch in Japan. 'DoCoMo by Ericsson ER209i' (hereafter ER209i) is Ericsson's first i-mode enabled mobile phone for the PDC standard. In Japan, the growth of the mobile Internet market is very strong, and NTT-DoCoMo's i-mode service contributes to this expansion. The number of subscribers who use the i- mode services is 15,227,000 as of November 26, 2000 (reference to data of NTT-DoCoMo).

The ER209i is a very distinct phone in the Japanese market. It is ideal for people who want a phone with high quality features such as excellent voice quality, harmonized ring melodies, and easy-to-use menus. A unique navigation key allows for quick and easy browsing of i-mode pages. A new sound processing technology allows for excellent and clear communication.

The ER209i also offers Japanese and English bilingual operation. The ER209i weighs only 77 grams while securing 130 minutes of talk time and 310 hours of standby time. I-mode is the mobile Internet connection service provided by NTT-DoCoMo utilizing its PDC packet network in Japan. The ER209i provides i-mode services such as e-mail, e-commerce, banking, restaurant data, maps, news, weather forecast, games, character downloading, and access to the Internet. PDC is the digital standard for mobile systems in Japan, and Ericsson has been delivering complete PDC mobile phone systems in Japan since 1994.

Ericsson holds the highest market share of PDC mobile systems among non- Japanese vendors.

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