Ericsson selected by China Mobile as main supplier for world's largest GPRS network

Ericsson has been selected as the main supplier of the GPRS network by China Mobile Communications Corporation (China Mobile). Award of the frame contract to Ericsson follows a thorough, yearlong technical and commercial evaluation by China Mobile of available GPRS solutions on offer from various suppliers. When implemented, China Mobile will have the single largest GPRS network in the world.

Ericsson was chosen as main supplier to China Mobile because of its superior technical solution and demonstrated ability to provide strong local competence to support rapid rollout of the new GPRS network throughout China. Ericsson is also supporting rapid development of local third party applications for the Chinese mobile Internet market through its established Open Lab in Beijing and recently launched Mobile Internet Solutions Center in Shenzhen.

"This agreement will significantly promote the 'Monternet Plan (Mobile Internet Plan)' and Internet business in the country, as well as the migration to 3G," said Mr. Li Yue, Vice President of China Mobile Communications Corporation.

"We are delighted with China Mobile's decision to select Ericsson as their main GPRS system supplier," said said Mr. Jan Malm, President of Ericsson (China) Company Ltd. "We consider this decision as a base for continued long-term agreement for mobile communications, wireless data and value-added services."

Jan Malm added, "With GPRS, China Mobile will enable its users to obtain packet-based services with benefits of always on-line connectivity to the mobile Internet. It will further simplify the way we communicate, and works as a key step in the smooth evolution of GSM networks to 3G capabilities."

Under the terms of the contract with China Mobile, Ericsson will provide infrastructure equipment and services, installation support and competence development for local operator staff in building the GPRS network. The agreement with China Mobile also will see Ericsson significantly expanding GSM networks throughout China, through the provision of system equipment, software upgrades, including GPRS technology, installation and back-up for competence development.

The GPRS network provided by Ericsson will be implemented during the first quarter of 2001. It will be concentrated in nine main cities throughout China, including Shijiangzhuang, Jinan, Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing and Nanning.

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