Handango Launches International Sites with Local Language Applications for Handheld Devices

Handango, the leading publisher of handheld computing software, today announced the launch of two German Web sites with local language software applications for handheld users.

As the first international software publisher for handheld applications, Handango launched its German Web site, http://de.handango.com, and a co-branded Web site with Lycos Mobile Germany http://www.handango.com/lycos-german/home.jsp. Handango plans to launch dabs.com and Expansys in the UK and MovilGo in Latin America during first quarter 2001.

Handango's customers will now have the ability to locate and purchase handheld software applications in local languages, as well as easily find foreign language software. Global customers will have access to local applications and leading English applications with translated descriptions. In addition, Handango developer partners will have new global distribution channels that were previously unavailable to them.

The international market for handhelds is expanding rapidly, with market research firm IDC predicting handheld shipment growth rates of 35 percent in Europe, 48 percent in Japan and 85 percent in Asia Pacific during 2000 to 2003. Through Handango's catalog of more than 10,000 software applications, global handheld users will have an opportunity to find and utilize the top software applications available. In addition, Handango will work with its 4,000 developer partners to create and translate market-specific software programs for countries like Germany, which is the single, largest market for handheld software outside the U.S.

"Users of Palm handhelds recognise the advantage of having information of their choice at their fingertips. Handango's expansion into European markets with local language software will enable users to find applications at Handango sites simply and instantly anytime, anywhere, so adding to the wealth of personalised content on their handhelds," Markus Bregler, director, Central Europe, Palm Germany GmbH.

"Through this new partnership, MovilGo's users will have direct access to the thousands of applications for wireless and handheld devices available on Handango," said Salvador Jimenez, founder and chief executive of MovilGo Systems Inc. "MovilGo's Latin American users will now be able to download premium content to their handheld devices and access Handango's handheld marketplace, in their native language and from a single online source."

"Today, 25 percent of Handango's business is international. Through this launch, Handango is meeting our customers' desires for more localized applications," said Laura Rippy, CEO of Handango. "As an industry catalyst in the handheld space, Handango has taken the lead to offer applications to handheld users worldwide, improve their personal and business productivity, and also open international channels for talented software developers."

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