Handspring to Provide Compatibility Testing Program for Springboard Developers

Relationship With Product Quality Partners to Ensure High Standards for Springboard Module Compatibility Testing Announced At PalmSource 2000

Handspring, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAND) today announced a compatibility testing program for Springboard module developers. Through the new program, developers can submit their products for testing and evaluation with Product Quality Partners (QP), a full service testing organization focused on technology. Handspring and Quality Partners have created high quality standards to measure product stability and compliance, among other factors, with the Springboard platform. Developers can learn more about the program, officially scheduled to launch in January 2001, at the Handspring booth (No. 101-106) at PalmSource 2000, taking place December 11-15 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

"During the past year, developers have introduced a broad spectrum of innovative and truly impressive Springboard modules, and we're excited about the possibilities for 2001," said Lee Epting, director of developer relations for Handspring. "Offering developers the opportunity to submit their modules through the exceptional testing services of Quality Partners will help to maintain high standards and ensure that their products work seamlessly with Handspring handheld computers."

Developers that participate in the Springboard compatibility program at Quality Partners and pass a suite of tests specifically designed for seamless integration with the Springboard platform will have their products recognized with a special mark of distinction, called "Springboard Gold." A Springboard compatible logo that can be included on product packaging and all marketing materials, Springboard Gold indicates the level of distinction that a module has achieved. Modules bearing the Springboard Gold mark will also receive additional exposure through Handspring marketing programs.

"Handspring and developers of Springboard modules have invented forward-thinking technologies for the handheld marketplace," said Debra Hodgens, founder, president and CEO of Product Quality Partners. "We're looking forward to helping streamline and enhance the development process of Springboard modules and to pave the way for the development of many more high quality, innovative Springboard modules that will continually bring consumers new opportunities for their Handspring Visors."

During PalmSource 2000, Handspring will raffle off a free submission to the Quality Partners Springboard compatibility program. For members of Handspring's Premier Developer program, Handspring will contribute $1,000 towards the total cost of a first submission. While Handspring encourages developers to participate in the program, Handspring is also committed to its philosophy of offering compatibility marks and tools at no charge to developers. Quality Partners has created an extensive test suite that will be downloadable from Handspring's Web site ( HYPERLINK "http://www.handspring.com"

7/8www.handspring.com) free of charge. This test suite is scheduled to be available starting in the first quarter of 2001. The test suite allows developers to self-certify for Springboard compatibility, and modules that pass this test may bear the standard Springboard mark.

Quality Partners will focus its testing on such capabilities as installation, application design and core functionality, integration validation, application error and stress handling, performance, documentation consistency, platform/OS compatibility, memory handling, and power management, among others.

More than 25 Springboard modules are currently available for Handspring handheld computers with many more presently under development and planned for release in 2001. More than 6,000 developers have registered with Handspring to receive documentation and technical information for Handspring's handheld computing platform.

All developer information and program support can be found at http://www.handspring.com/developers/index.jhtml. The full Quality Partners program details will be added to the Web site in January. Questions regarding the program may be directed to devprograms@handspring.com.

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