Intacta and EnPartner to Provide Wireless and Mobile Commerce Applications

Partnership Leverages Intacta Technology, EnPartner Integration Expertise

Intacta Technologies Inc. (OTCBB:ITAC) and EnPartner LLC, the e-services company of Primus Software Corporation, announced today a partnership to provide mobile, wireless and e-commerce applications for customers using Intacta.Code. The companies, both headquartered in Atlanta, will work closely in the coming months to integrate secure, pervasive e-commerce solutions for Fortune 1000 companies. EnPartner has extensive experience in enterprise application integration and wireless transcoder development, enabling customers to quickly integrate handheld and wireless access to enterprise applications.

"By using Intacta.Code as a transport for wireless data, we instantly add security and reliability," said Marvin Schulwolf, Director of Business Development at EnPartner, LLC. "Our customers are rapidly moving toward mobile access to enterprise applications, but, until now, secure and efficient communication with mobile devices was a big concern. Intacta.Code solves many of these problems."

Intacta Technologies, an Atlanta-based company, was originally founded in Israel. The companies are members of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce.


Intacta.Code deploys Compression, Encoding, and Error Correction Engines that compress, secure and correct content using patented processes originally developed for the military. The error correction is very robust, allowing for degradation of the transmission or storage medium while maintaining 100% of the content and format. Intacta.Code's ability to seamlessly embed itself into virtually any application (or device) has created a wide spectrum of uses ranging from:

- The world's largest newspaper, Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun, uses Intacta.Code to deliver multimedia files directly in newsprint to its 10 million daily readers.

- Intacta.Code was recently featured in President Clinton's Digital Divide Tour, demonstrating the compression and transmission of data for processing text-to-speech information for the visually impaired.

 -   An Intacta.Code "plug-in" for IBM's WebSphere Transcoder Publisher for pervasive computing platform is now available, for use on Palm OS devices.

 -   Intertek Testing Services, the world's largest import/export testing and documentation service, uses Intacta.Code to generate `tamper-proof' export documentation.

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