Lava2140 Announces Availability of Microsoft Windows NT WAP Gateway

Lava2140, LLC, a wireless solutions provider that makes remote access to information a reality, Thursday announced the availability of the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 platform for their WAP Gateway.

The Lava2140 NT WAP Gateway processes Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Short Messaging Service (SMS) messages that allow carriers, enterprises, financial institutions, and web-based businesses to offer their customers access to account and organizational information.

The WAP Gateway provides transaction security through the latest encryption technology and works with a variety of wireless devices, including: WAP-enabled phones, Palm PDAs, and Windows CE and RIM Blackberry pagers. However, because the WAP Gateway was designed with an open architecture, new standards and devices can be incorporated as they emerge.

The NT WAP Gateway is the newest edition to Lava2140's suite of wireless gateway solutions, which also includes a UNIX and LINUX platform.

A private label Wireless Portal site allows wireless users to access account information and select service options. Through the simple user interface, wireless customers can choose if they wish to receive their messages "on-demand" or through scheduled delivery.

By delivering basic messaging services to customers through wireless channels, organizations can offer time-saving services that help their customers obtain important information whenever and wherever they need it.

For example, the Gateway can help financial institutions save on the operational costs associated with providing customers basic account information through IVR and live-response call centers.

"Lava2140 is realistic about the current challenges of implementing wireless solutions, especially in the U.S.," commented Linh Tang, chief executive officer of Lava2140.

"That's why we have developed a solution that helps enterprises and financial institutions implement a wireless strategy that works within the boundaries of today's protocols and devices, while at the same time equipping them to take advantage of emerging technologies."

Future enhancements to the Lava2140 NT WAP Gateway will include applications for mobile commerce, real estate, and the insurance industry.

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