ShareSpan, Inc. (www.ShareSpan.com), a leading provider of outsource wireless messaging services, today announced it has reached the 100-affiliate partner mark in its first quarter since launch. This number more than doubles the company's original projections and includes a wide array of vertical markets and international partners. ShareSpan is focused on key sectors including financial services, news providers, real estate, job recruiting, and travel.

"We are very excited about the strong momentum with which ShareSpan has taken off," said Howard Schwartz, CEO and founder of ShareSpan. "In the near future, more users will access the Internet and information services from non-PC devices, and ShareSpan is perfectly positioned to enable companies of all sizes to deliver personalized and relevant wireless information to their users."

Working with ShareSpan's wireless messaging infrastructure, companies can communicate time-sensitive and business-critical information to their users' wireless devices. ShareSpan is device and platform "agnostic" supporting cellular phones, Palm devices, and pagers. Companies save money, time, increase profitability, and can focus on their core business while outsourcing their wireless messaging needs to ShareSpan.

A few applications from ShareSpan's Partners:

"Working with ShareSpan is a great way for The Cyber Scene to diversify its content distribution to our readers. We're always looking for the best use of technology and implementing it in a way that makes sense to our readers. ShareSpan's service was a unique way to reach our audience in a way they choose. We plan on using ShareSpan for our calendar, cocktail party invites, updates and more!" Courtney Pulitzer, President, Courtney Pulitzer Creations (Cocktails with Courtney, The Cyber Scene)

"This is great way to save time and money for job seekers and employers! Anyone who has looked for an employee or job knows how time-consuming and costly it is to search through thousands of resumes or jobs. Swapjobs.com now affords the employer/recruiter and job seeker to concentrate on daily tasks, plus be updated about jobs and job seekers without having to login and search for them on the Internet," said Jay Dee Shores, Vice President and co-founder of Swapjobs.com.

"We are excited about using ShareSpan's wireless services to send our weekly Top 10 deals to existing and new wireless customers," said Chris Loughlin, COO Weekends.com.

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