Logica Announces Innovative Approach to Wireless Mobile Solutions

Logica and @hand Form Business Alliance to Support the Fastest and Most Cost-effective Development of Wireless Solutions for the Utility

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Logica announced today its Mobile Operations Gateway (MOG) offering for the energy and utilities sector. This new and innovative approach to wireless solutions addresses the many field requirements of energy and utility companies, including job creation, field design estimating, dispatching, material management, time reporting, inspections, and a myriad of other field computing needs. The MOG enables utilities to use a common environment for field computing even as applications and field devices change.

Logica's MOG offering provides an all-encompassing architecture and design which is modular and highly flexible for the delivery of end-to-end field computing solutions. As a key component of the MOG, @hand's Mobile Computing Environment supports the concept of Mobile Domains that logically organize data, users, devices, protocols, applications, and data models in a scalable and distributed architecture.

@hand's Mobile Computing Environment provides an open, easily extensible, non-intrusive infrastructure within Logica's MOG to allow for the fastest and most cost effective development of wireless solutions today. The MOG, supported by the @hand Mobile Computing Environment, enables a utility to concentrate on the business rules in the field and not on how devices are connected or updated, issues that cause delays and cost overruns in typical mobile computing projects.

The MOG allows Logica to implement wireless solutions in a matter of days or weeks, as opposed to traditional field implementations that required months or years.

"This strategic collaboration will strengthen the Mobile Operations Gateway solution that Logica provides to its energy and utility customers," said Jim Cypert, executive vice president, for Logica's energy & utilities division. "Our integrated offering provides the infrastructure to support our customers' demands for systems that can operate across multiple communication protocols and multiple field unit configurations. The Mobile Operations Gateway approach insulates utilities from expensive reprogramming and reconfiguring as the applications, the protocols and the field devices evolve."

"Mobile computing is the wave of the future among utilities, and @hand is excited to work with the real innovators in this industry to capture emerging opportunities," said Marc Lurie, CEO of @hand. "Partnerships with leading utility services and software companies such as Logica are tremendously important to our ability to provide a total, fully integrated mobile enterprise platform that will evolve with the utility sector's rapidly expanding demands for wireless technology."

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