Motorola and AT Investments Announce New Joint Venture, ONDATA

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) and AT Investments today announced the creation of a joint venture in Mexico, ONDATA, S. de R.L. ONDATA will offer wireless application services for remote asset management as well as other enterprise application solutions. On the part of Motorola, the investment is being made by Dorado Investments, the Latin American branch of Motorola Ventures, Motorola's strategic venture capital investment arm.

The services offered by ONDATA will utilize wireless technology to transfer data to and from remote devices such as Vending Machines and Utility Power-Meters. ONDATA will focus on rendering value added data services to the enterprise customer, for example allowing all information residing in a vending machine to be monitored, from the amount of money collected to the number of cans in stock, without needing to dispatch a person to the machine's location. The company will transmit data over existing wireless networks operated in Mexico by third parties. The solutions and services offered by ONDATA will constantly evolve and migrate depending on the level of customization required by new and existing customers.

Initially, the solutions will be based on the ReFLEX(TM) technology, a high-speed paging protocol, created by Motorola to handle the increasing demands of wireless communications and alphanumeric messages. The ReFLEX protocol strengths include excellent in-building penetration, good spectral efficiency, message size capability up to 200 characters, and most importantly, low cost. As markets or alternative technology protocols mature and become available, ONDATA will position its offerings in such a way that it is always possible to provide the best cost/efficiency solutions.

ONDATA's President Christian Checa said, "The unique combination of technological expertise and overall business acumen of its founding partners results in ONDATA having a leadership and privileged position in bringing value added efficiencies to its enterprise customers. It is our goal to provide the enterprise customers in different industries with customized solutions to improve their field and remote operations."

"We are pleased to enter into this strategic agreement with AT Investments," said Omar Villarreal, vice president of Motorola Inc. and president of Motorola de Mexico S.A. "ONDATA will offer consumers the convenience of integrating cutting-edge technology into their day-to-day activities in a way that clearly maximizes productivity."

AT Investments President, Carlos de la Garza said, "Motorola represents an important strategic relationship for AT Investments and ONDATA plays a major role in our technology portfolio." About AT Investments

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