Motorola Introduces Eight New Wireless Communications Products at ITU Telecom Asia

Motorola Extends Leadership Position in GPRS, Bluetooth™ and Tri- Band Technology With Debut of New Handsets

Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT) this week introduced eight new wireless communications devices at Telecom Asia 2000, one of the largest telecommunications trade shows in the world.

These new handsets reinforce Motorola's leadership role in providing the latest GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), Bluetooth™ and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)/ tri- band technology to consumers.

"Motorola continues to take a leading position in the global wireless arena throughout Asia, and especially in China. The new products debuting at Telecom Asia 2000 reinforce its leadership position in breakthrough technologies that will forever change the shape of personal communications," said Tom Masci, vice president and general manager, Personal Communications Sector, Greater China.

GPRS Leadership -- Always on and connected

With the introduction of four new GPRS handsets -- the Accompli™ 008, Accompli™ 009, V. Series™ V66 and Timeport™ P7389i brand phones -- Motorola continues to be a leader in the industry in bringing high-speed mobile data service to consumers. This leadership position was reinforced earlier this year, when Motorola delivered the world's first commercial GPRS network and wireless handset, as well as giving one of the world's first demonstrations of mobile e-commerce using Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) over a live GPRS network. The new phones are expected to start appearing in the Asia and China markets by the middle of 2001.

Bluetooth Leadership -- Connectivity without wires

At the show, Motorola also debuted its second phone with Bluetooth technology. The new V. Series V66 phone, when combined with the Bluetooth Smart Module accessory from Motorola, will provide consumers with one of the first opportunities to experience a world without wires. Bluetooth wireless technology is expected to revolutionize the personal connectivity market by providing short- range networking without wired connections to a number of electronic devices.

Motorola's leadership in Bluetooth technology began earlier this year, when the company was one of the first in the industry to deliver a commercially available Bluetooth product, as well as receiving the industry's first Bluetooth certification on consumer-targeted products. The new phones are expected to start appearing in the Asia and China markets by the middle of 2001.

Tri-Band Leadership -- Connected around the world

Motorola is also expanding on its leading GSM/tri-band offerings with the new Accompli 009 and Timeport P7389i handsets. This technology helps allow consumers to access cellular phone service while traveling in major cities in Asia, North America and Europe, where roaming agreements exist. The new devices are expected to start appearing in the Asia and China markets by the middle of 2001.

Four additional devices premiering at the show were developed specifically for the Korea and China markets.

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