Neomar Enables WAP On All Palm Handhelds

Provides Secure Delivery of WAP Content and Applications to Palm Handhelds

Neomar, Inc., a company focused on delivering wireless applications to enterprises and mobile professionals, today announced the latest version -- 2.0 --of its open wireless solution for the Palm(TM) Mobile Internet Kit (MIK).

The new version will enable users of all Palm handheld computers to access Wireless Application Protocol, or WAP, based content and applications alongside web clipping applications, providing customers with the largest amount of access to secure wireless-based information.

Companies that need to supply their mobile professionals who use wirelessly enabled Palm handhelds with the widest range of enterprise applications and wireless content can make that a reality by deploying the Neomar solution. Critical information such as customer data, corporate Intranet information, travel arrangements, restaurant reservations and reviews, weather information, and other critical e-commerce transactions can be accessed through the Neomar browser. The browser is the client software component of Neomar's secure, end-to-end solution for systems integrators, wireless content providers and enterprise application providers.

"This partnership with Palm, the leading mobile computing platform provider, validates Neomar's cutting edge wireless platform technology in the growing enterprise market," said Don Longueuil, wireless analyst at the industry research group the Yankee Group. "Neomar's open solution is poised to be the leader in providing enterprise information to mobile professionals."

Providing important wireless applications and content to business customers is Neomar's major goal, specifically access to critical enterprise applications such as the corporate Intranet, just-in-time manufacturing and supply chain management, productivity and desktop extensions, business-to-business exchanges and auctions, sales force automation and customer relationship management, and field transactions. The Palm OS is an obvious platform for delivering these wireless applications, with its broad acceptance, graphics capability, and interface that gives users a compelling wireless experience.

"The Palm OS platform is the most widely-used handheld platform, and we have optimized our solution for the Palm platform from the beginning," said Tom Owen, director of corporate development at Neomar. "Power business users know handhelds are a must-have device, inherently capable of handling mobile enterprise business applications. By deploying a secure end-to-end solution on Palm handhelds, these business users have a choice of handhelds from which to access the critical business applications and the accompanying data they need while on the road."

Key Features

The browser provides the following advanced features:

-- Security: WTLS session resumption, new "padlock" icon indicates security is enabled on browser

-- On-device cookies, allowing seamless migration of applications to WAP

-- Full support for WAP stack and WML 1.1; partial support for both HDML and HTML, basic HTTP authentication support

-- Up to 6Kb decks supported, allows for more information to be downloaded

-- Enhanced provisioning, with the ability for multiple launchers to run on a device

-- Bookmarks/browsing: on-device bookmarks, bookmark management, history navigation screen

-- Graphics: Color hyperlinks on the Palm IIIc handheld, WBMP graphic images, images in hyperlinks, images inline with text, entire hyperlink is highlighted when selected

-- Tables, multiline edit box, multiline select options, improved scrolling

-- Multiple personality support -- mini launcher applications that allow the user to specify icons, home URLs, browser behavior, and gateways for each personality


The 1.5 version of the Neomar wireless solution began shipping in November as a key part of the Palm Mobile Internet Kit. The MIK is available for an estimated street price of $39.95 (U.S.), and can be ordered via the web or directly from Palm, Inc. in the United States and Europe (, and also is available in the retail channel throughout Europe and Asia Pacific. Products that support the MIK include the Palm m100, Palm III, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIx, Palm IIIxe, Palm V and Palm Vx handhelds. The 2.0 Neomar wireless solution for the abovementioned Palm OS handhelds is available now in beta and FCS will be Q1 2001. The Palm VII browser will be available to qualified partners and developers directly from Neomar also in Q1 2001.

The Palm Mobile Internet Kit

Delivered on CD-ROM, the Palm Mobile Internet Kit enables most Palm handheld computers supporting Version 3.5 of the Palm OS platform to connect wirelessly to the Internet using a compatible data-enabled mobile phone. For those upgradable Palm handhelds that do not already have Palm OS 3.5 (the Palm III, Palm IIIx and Palm V series handhelds), the Palm Mobile Internet Kit provides the added advantage of upgrading the OS to accommodate the new wireless applications and services.

More information about the Palm Mobile Internet Kit can be found at

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