New Wireless Service Helps Consumers Find TheRightSize Anytime Anywhere

Innovative Web Service Goes Wireless to Support Holiday Retail Shopping

TheRightSize(TM), Inc. announces the release of its Rosetta Stone(TM) wireless software created for the Palm(TM) family of wireless handheld organizers.

The innovative Rosetta Stone(TM) software takes the guesswork out of shopping by recommending the right size and style from several leading on-line retailers. Shoppers can download the software onto their Palm organizers for free just in time for the busy gift-giving holiday season.

This newest wireless release provides a hassle-free, convenient shopping experience. Shoppers can now use their Palm VII organizers to find new apparel items that fit like their favorite brands and styles. They can also find the right size for family and friends who've registered for the service. And, shoppers can easily access personal sizing information wherever they are: shopping in downtown department stores, at the mall, or their favorite boutique. Shoppers can visit the website at to download the software required to access the service with their Palm VII.

TheRightSize service solves a number of headaches for shoppers:

-- Apparel "gift block": "I know she wanted a jacket like that, but I don't know her size and returns are a drag. Guess I'll get her a book instead."

-- Time poverty: "Every style fits me differently and I'm too busy to try on a bunch of clothes. I'll just buy the same thing I bought before."

-- Brand boredom: "Wow, I really like the commercial for that new ABC brand but I know it wouldn't fit me. The only thing that ever fits me right is XYZ brand."

-- Invisible clerks: "I hate the Holidays! There are no dressing rooms available and no one to help me find my size. I'm out of here."

TheRightSize, Inc. is focused on helping multi-channel apparel retailers increase profitability by increasing sales, reducing returns and strengthening customer loyalty. The company has signed agreements with JCPenney, Puma, Ocean Pacific, Seattle Pacific, and others, and is backed by private and venture capital investors with deep retail expertise. Board member Phil Schlein, former president of Macy's West, outlined the company's value proposition: "After 28 years in the retail business, I learned that consumers want an convenient way to buy clothes that fit. TheRightSize is the fastest, easiest way to give these customers a great fit experience, while introducing them to items they wouldn't consider otherwise. TheRightSize technology has focused on increasing retailers' sales and reducing returns in their on-line and catalog sales channels. This new wireless application can now boost retailers' in-store sales and cut returns during the busiest shopping days of the year."

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