NotWired offers Device-to-Device Group Scheduling System for Mobile Professionals

NotWired, Inc. ( today announces the availability of the first wireless device-to-device group scheduling system for mobile professionals. NotWired Mobile Business Service offers fully-integrated, real-time group scheduling, task and program management for mobile professionals, accessible via the Web and wireless devices.

This service allows professionals to create, send, and receive meeting invites to group members and external invitees on their cellular phone, PDA, or other wireless device. Invitees are also able to accept, decline, or tentatively accept meeting invitations on their wireless devices. With NotWired, there is no need for a PC to generate the information; NotWired moves these functions completely to the wireless arena, empowering mobile teams to communicate with each other from anywhere.

"Today's announcement marks the first wireless software to initiate scheduling from anywhere," said Kevin Clark, President and CEO of NotWired, Inc. "The Notwired Mobile Business Service is a powerful tool for any business or corporate department that wishes to improve coordination of their team members."

The Optimal Solution for Mobile Work Groups

In addition to group scheduling, other key features of NotWired include a group-shared phonebook, for one-touch dialing to group members. Group members maintain their personal contact information; once a change is made to this information, the phonebook is updated so each member has immediate access to the changed information. Mobile professionals will never be caught with outdated group contact information while on the road.

NotWired improves group workflow, allowing teams to assign, accept, decline, or reassign tasks from their wireless devices. Professionals no longer need to log-on to the company email server to receive emails of task requests from their team. They can now be notified immediately on their wireless devices when a task is requested of them. Mobile managers can track tasks to completion without the need for multiple emails.

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