NTRU Delivers Security Toolkit for Palm Handhelds Fastest, Smallest Security Toolkit For Palm

Now Palm OSŪ application developers have a security toolkit with enterprise-level muscle to call their own. Today NTRU (www.ntru.com), a developer of public key cryptography solutions, announced its Security Toolkit for PalmT handheld computers.

"Palm OS applications increasingly need robust, high?performance security," said Jerry J. Jalaba, vice president, enterprise, Palm, Inc. "NTRU delivers one of the highest levels of protection with the fastest performance available. We are pleased to welcome their new security solution to the Palm developer community."

Benefits for developers include high-speed operation, fast generation of "disposable keys", low battery consumption and a tiny memory footprint. It is also the first toolkit for Palm handhelds to implement Rijndael, the Advanced Encryption Standard recently selected by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Fast generation of "disposable keys", or the ability to generate a new independent security key for each transaction, reduces the risk of security breaches due to expired, stored or intercepted keys.

Encrypting much faster than competitive systems such as elliptical curve cryptography (ECC), the NTRU Security Toolkit for Palm secures wireless data applications and electronic media such as digital music and video. It comprises a full range of public and symmetric key functionality, including encryption, decryption, signing and verification.

Integration into Palm applications can be performed in as little as one day.

"Palm OS developers now have an advanced security toolkit designed for their needs," said Scott Crenshaw, CEO, NTRU. "NTRU eliminates the need to sacrifice fast performance for security. Advanced security is now available for the Palm OS, in a package delivering the responsiveness handheld users demand."

NEW SECURITY PARADIGMS NTRU eliminates one of the most significant security risks in handheld devices -- key storage. Less capable security systems require keys to be stored within the handheld's memory; no matter how well hidden they may be, hackers can and will find them. With NTRU, applications developers have the option of using a pass phrase to generate signing and encryption keys quickly on the device, eliminating the need to store keys on the handheld.

SERVER SCALABILITY Many applications for the Palm OS require secure communications to servers and wireless gateways. Fast server performance and efficient scalability are important to maintain satisfied users and reduce operation costs. With slower security technologies, up to 40 percent of server CPU time can be consumed by security processing. NTRU toolkits speed up servers 10 - 100 times, significantly improving response times and supporting more users with fewer servers.

SMALL FOOTPRINT NTRU includes public key cryptography functions and tools for hashing and message digest creation. The entire NTRU public key system, including encryption, decryption, signing and verifying, requires just 16k of code memory. Symmetric key and hash operations add only 9k to this requirement. Custom implementations are yielding even lower footprints where necessary.

NTRU Security Toolkit for Palm handhelds is available immediately. Contact NTRU at palminfo@ntru.com for further information.

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