Numoda Teams with Major European Telecom to Deliver New Enterprise Applications

Numoda today announced that they are in discussions with major European and Asian teleco companies, including Hutchison Wampoa and Hutchison 3G, to deliver enterprise application capabilities over their networks.

"but the US is not far behind this time, because one of the three AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint will distribute wireless enterprise applications with Numoda here in the US." said Mary Schaheen, President and CEO, Numoda Corporation. "It's all about horizontal enterprise solutions."

The Numoda solution is to be resold as part of a package for the telecoms' enterprise customers. Primarily Numoda will be building applications for a new form of convergent communication device, a combination cell phone-PDA.

The Numoda technology will allow enterprises to wirelessly gather critical data from the field, drop the information into the database as objects, sort and analyze the info and then wirelessly redistribute specific packets of information in custom reports to the individuals who need them.

Some of the first arenas for development of new applications are Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management, and sector specific applications, including the pharmaceutical industry, the real estate industry, and the financial services industry.

Numoda's patent-pending technologies don't have a dependency on WAP and therefore its limitations. For instance Numoda DEEEP Technology performs data capture, management and logistics functions without having to be connected to the Internet.

WAP technology on the other hand requires constant connectivity thus driving up costs to the user, consuming mass amounts of bandwidth, and creating the potential for loss of data though connectivity interference.

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