Pendragon Software Announces Hosted Database Development Platform for Handheld Devices

Pendragon Internet Forms integrates mobile database development with the Internet

Pendragon Software today announced Pendragon Internet Forms, a Web based development platform for building database applications for Palm OS(R) handheld devices. Based on the company's successful Pendragon Forms development tool, the new platform enables developers to design, deploy and manage mobile database applications with unparalleled ease. The Pendragon Internet Forms platform delivers new levels of productivity, scalability and security for handheld application developers.

Pendragon Internet Forms Server

Pendragon Internet Forms Server is a software solution based on Pendragon SyncServer, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Active Server Pages and Microsoft SQL Server. The server enables developers to build useful handheld applications instantly, and build sophisticated applications more swiftly than with traditional development tools. In addition, the server automatically permits administrators to expose a corresponding Intranet application to selected users. This enables remote users to synchronize handheld devices securely across the network and access the same information via a desktop Web browser.

An integrated Pendragon SyncServer system enables secure synchronization to handhelds over wireless TCP/IP connections, as well as from remotely connected desktop and laptop computers.

A New Mobile ASP

In addition to selling server software, Pendragon Software will host customer applications on its own servers as a mobile Application Service Provider (ASP). A public beta test is now in progress, enabling IT managers to preview the capabilities of the service and software.

After the service is launched in the first quarter of 2001, customers will be able to subscribe to the service for a low monthly fee.

The modularity of the system makes the Pendragon Internet Forms Server perfect for building mobile ASP's. In anticipation of the strong demand for such systems, Pendragon Software will offer a partnership program for vertical market Internet sites that will benefit from an integrated mobile data collection application.

"Pendragon Internet Forms represents a new paradigm in mobile application development," said Ivan Phillips, CEO of Pendragon Software Corporation. "The new development platform takes the pain out of development and deployment, and simultaneously builds mobile and Web-based solutions."

Pendragon Internet Forms Server and the hosted development services will be available in the first quarter of 2001.

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