Pumatech to Preview Next Generation Browse-it 2.0 Software At PalmSource 2000

Features Include Enhanced Support for Handspring Prism and Palm IIIc Handhelds

Pumatech (NASDAQ: PUMA) Inc., the leading provider of software infrastructure for the mobile Internet, today announced that it will preview the next generation of its leading-edge Web rendering/browsing software, Browse-it(TM) 2.0, at PalmSource 2000. Mobile device users will soon be able to experience Web browsing in full 16-bit color from the Handspring Prism, the Palm IIIc(TM), and other already supported handheld devices.

"Our expanded device support with Browse-it further illustrates our goal of enabling all users to access any Web content on- or off-line from their mobile devices," said Brad Rowe, Pumatech president and CEO. "We aim to provide the highest quality of Web content to all of our audiences, including professionals, consumers and corporations. Furthermore, in order to provide Web content to the largest number of people, it is imperative that we continue to support the most popular devices on the market."

Additional features available with Browse-it 2.0 include the ability to update "SnapShots" wirelessly, on-line/remote registration, 8-/16-bit color support and compression of data for network and storage optimization. Browse-it 2.0 also enables backward client support so that lower-end clients will work with a higher-end server and vice-versa. Further, it enables the client to detect the end user's device capabilities so that it can provide the most optimized content for that particular device.


When connected to a wireline or wireless modem, Browse-it transforms handheld devices into information appliances, giving mobile users full and immediate access to information and applications on the Web - anytime, anywhere. Browse-it was designed with the user experience in mind and employs the look and feel of desktop browsers, offering features such as bookmarks, the ability to track browser history, and support for cookies, standard graphic formats, encryption for security, compressed archives, and downloading and installation of native programs and data. Browse-it also provides a unique SnapShot feature that enables users to capture Web content for viewing off-line when wireless or wireline Web access is unavailable.

Browse-it is one component of Pumatech's Mobile Application Platform (MAP), the common server on which Pumatech is building its new mobile solutions, including the Intellisync.com(SM) online service, scheduled for public availability in Q1 of calendar 2001. Designed for maximum scalability and performance, MAP also includes synchronization and change-detection/notification capabilities. The Browse-it software solution is also offered with the latest version of the popular Intellisync(R) product line (Version 4.0), and has been licensed to a variety of partners, including YadaYada, YOUcentric and Card Access.

Browse-it 2.0 will be displayed for the first time at booth No. 157SB at the PalmSource 2000 Developers Conference in Santa Clara, Calif., Dec. 12-15.

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