SoftNet's Aerzone Wins Rights to Provide Wireless Broadband Services at Top North American Airports

Aerzone to Serve Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco, and Denver

SoftNet Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:SOFN) today announced Aerzone Corporation, its broadband wireless local area network (WLAN) subsidiary, will soon offer high-speed Internet access at some of the most frequented airports in North America, including airports in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, California; and Jacksonville, Florida. These airports join Aerzone's expanding list of Aerzone Wireless locations, which also include the Vancouver International and Ottawa International airports in Canada. Together these airports will enable Aerzone access to an estimated 80 million potential customers each year. Aerzone also has long term arrangements with Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, each of which earn equity in Aerzone through customer acquisition and service launches.

Aerzone plans to provide wireless local area network services at Dallas-Fort Worth International (DFW), Denver International (DIA) --ranked the fourth and sixth most traveled airports in North America --and Jacksonville International (JAX) airports. Aerzone's arrangement at Denver is through a third party product supplier agreement with Nokia. These airports will be among Aerzone's initial commercial launch, currently scheduled for early 2001.

In addition, Aerzone has been selected by the San Francisco Airports Commission to provide broadband Aerzone Wireless(TM) service at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), subject to final approval by the commission. The selection was the result of a national request for proposal by SFO. With its rank as the fifth most traveled airport in North America, SFO counts millions of travelers passing through its terminals each year -- all of which will soon have access to broadband wireless services. SFO and Aerzone will also be able to service business travelers with its soon-to-open Aerzone Business Center(TM), located in the newly inaugurated international terminal.

Garrett Girvan, SoftNet's chief executive officer, said, "Securing these agreements with some of the most frequented and popular airports in the nation is a wonderful step in what we envision to be a wide reaching network of airports by which traveling professionals can utilize broadband service."

"And, we take SFO's selection of Aerzone to provide Aerzone Wireless throughout its terminals as wonderful validation to our business concept. SFO services some of the leading visionaries in high technology, based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, and provides travelers with the highest quality of service. As a company based in San Francisco we look forward to serving our community, colleagues and partners," continued Girvan.

San Francisco International's airport director, John Martin, said, "Having Aerzone as the premier provider of wireless broadband service fits perfectly with our vision of an airport of the 21st century. With an Aerzone Business Center also available, travelers will be able to take advantage of all Aerzone has to offer."

The Aerzone Wireless(TM) Network

Through exclusive long-term arrangements with United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, Aerzone expects to launch both WLAN service and Aerzone Business Centers in the near term at airports occupied by these airlines. Aerzone and United will offer Aerzone Wireless at United terminals, gates, Red Carpet Clubs, First Class Lounges, and 1K Rooms. In addition, Aerzone will offer wireless services to Delta customers at its gates and Crown Room Clubs in the United States and Europe. Both rollouts are expected to begin early 2001.

Aerzone provides customers with high-speed broadband Internet access using 802.11 wireless technologies. Aimed primarily at the mobile professional, Aerzone Wireless allows travelers to have a fast and secure connection to the Internet or data-rich multimedia files, with the highest regard for freedom of movement. Using this 802.11 industry standard, a customer needs only a computing device, such as a laptop computer or PDA, and a built-in or plug-in WLAN card --available soon for purchase from Aerzone and most computer retail outlets.

With services currently available in Vancouver International and Ottawa International airports, Aerzone is building the foundation for a global wireless network. And, with Aerzone Business Centers (formerly branded Laptop Lanes) available today in 23 locations and in 15 airports, Aerzone satisfies the mobile professional's business needs for services such as photocopying, printing, faxing, and peace of privacy within these "offices-on-the-go."

"Aerzone was created to simplify business travel and to provide a seamless work and travel experience. Decision makers and economy leaders regularly commute between cities and meetings, and having Aerzone Wireless as a tool to effortlessly participate in day-to-day decisions while on the go is vital to today's businessperson. Now we won't have to wait hours between the office and hotel to `be available.' Aerzone will provide speeds that mirror and far exceed services in even the most advanced offices," Girvan continued.

"The ability for workers to look forward to a business trip is the ultimate compliment a customer might give to us...we look forward to serving the needs of business travelers everywhere."

With the addition of San Francisco, Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Jacksonville, Aerzone will soon provide WLAN services at six international airports, including Vancouver and Ottawa, Canada.

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