Swapjobs.com, Inc. partners with ShareSpan, Inc. to deliver wireless job recruitment information.


ShareSpan, Inc. (www.ShareSpan.com), a leading provider of outsource wireless messaging services, today announced a strategic partnership with Swapjobs.com. Swapjobs.com, who has private labeled ShareSpans wireless message delivery infrastructure, will deliver messages such as recruitment information, job offers, and prospective candidate contact information to its users.

"Our main focus is to deliver timely and relevant information to users where and when they need it," said Joe Rubin, Executive Vice President and co-founder of ShareSpan, Inc. "Enabeling Swapjobs.com to communicate over a host of wireless devices and platforms, ranging from handheld PDAs to SMS-enabled pagers and cellular phones, provides them with a complete recruiting solution. ShareSpan will manage the data collection and message delivery, enabling Swapjobs.com to concentrate on its core business."

"This is great way to save time and money for job seekers and employers! Anyone who has looked for an employee or job knows how time consuming and costly it is to search through thousands of resumes or jobs. Swapjobs.com now affords the employer/recruiter and job seeker to concentrate on daily tasks plus be updated about jobs and job seekers without having to login and search for them on the Internet," said Jay Dee Shores, Vice President and co-founder of Swapjobs.com.

The service provided to Swapjobs is completely private labeled, with the technology developed and customized with the look and feel of the Swapjobs.com website. The front end has been integrated into Swapjobs.com, while the data collection and back-end technology is outsourced and hosted at ShareSpan, as to not increase Swapjobs.com infrastructure costs'. The partnership will create an additional source of revenue for both companies.

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