SyncML launches final specification for universal remote data synchronization

The 1.0 specification for the SyncML technology represents the world's first protocol for universal remote data synchronization. The SyncML Initiative, sponsored by mobile technology leaders Ericsson, IBM, Lotus, Matsushita, Motorola, Nokia, Palm Inc., Psion and Starfish Software, today has released the final, 1.0 specification for SyncML remote data synchronization. This new protocol, developed in just under ten months, will enable end users to benefit from immediate synchronization of e-mail and other office applications via mobile devices.

The outstanding feature of the SyncML specification is that it allows for total cable-free synchronization. Ericsson, in fact, used the well known WAP protocol to demonstrate wireless SyncML synchronization at the London launch.

SyncML is an open standard, capable of working across platforms, networks and devices in both the wireless and fixed-line environments. For consumers, this kind of universal remote data synchronization means that e-mail, calendars, to-do lists, address books, and other databases can remain easily up-to-date, regardless of network, device or platform used.

For the first time, a calendar entry made on a desktop computer, for example, would be immediately accessible by a wireless device. Synchronization can also occur over Bluetooth, infrared or cable systems.

"Ericsson has always believed that this kind of interoperability is critical if the industry is to deliver to consumers an exciting new technology in a coherent and usable fashion," said Jan Ahrenbring, Vice President, Marketing and Communication at Ericsson. "SyncML is another example of how cooperation among industry leaders can advance the market by previsualizing and addressing the needs of users."

Indeed the speed and cohesion with which the specification was developed is widely regarded as a tremendous boon for all segments of the market, including device manufacturers, application developers, Internet service providers, wireless network operators and of course, consumers.

"The cooperative effort of the SyncML Initiative has now provided the market with the only viable interoperable protocol for remote data synchronization," confirmed Ahrenbring. "It has been delivered in record time and is a tremendous step forward for the mobile Internet market." Ericsson is the leading communications supplier, combining innovation in mobility and Internet in creating the new era of mobile Internet. Ericsson provides total solutions covering everything from systems and applications to mobile phones and other communications tools. With more than 100,000 employees in 140 countries, Ericsson simplifies communications for customers all over the world.

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