TDK Shows ''Long Distance'' Bluetooth Links At Developers Conference

See TDK Bluetooth Products in Action At Booth Number 615

Mobile communications specialist TDK Systems is showing its new Bluetooth technology products at the world's largest Bluetooth Developers Conference (San Jose 5-7 December).

Visitors to the TDK booth will see TDK's USB Bluetooth adapter in action with a live interactive game of Quake being played over a Bluetooth link. An active proponent of Bluetooth technology, TDK is developing mobile connectivity products in its London and Tokyo dedicated development centers and will showcase its Bluetooth mobile connectivity range at the event.

TDK's Bluetooth USB Adapter conveniently plugs directly into the USB port and allows users to access other Bluetooth units as well as to connect to fixed PSTN or ISDN lines over a wireless Bluetooth link. The USB Adapter also allows users to synchronize with other Bluetooth peripherals and control their cellular/mobile handsets. Expected ship date: Q1 2001.

TDK Bluetooth PC Card provides a high performance Bluetooth 1.1 compliant connection with a range of well over 30 feet (10 meters) to connect a laptop or handheld computer to a Bluetooth enabled phone, data point or other Bluetooth equipped device. TDK tests have shown that in a typical office environment, this PC Card can connect to another Bluetooth device at up to five times the 30-foot requirement of Bluetooth 1.1.

The additional range demonstrates the depth of TDK's RF expertise. By using TDK's own high performance innovative ceramic antenna and input technology, the design has surpassed the Bluetooth receiver sensitivity requirements by over 20dBm, giving a comparable range to 802.11b at one hundredth of the transmit power. The ceramic antenna is incorporated into a compact extended design to make the most of performance, even in metal cased laptops.

With its industry standard 16-bit PCMCIA interface, TDK's Bluetooth PC Card will offer maximum power consumption efficiencies. The Bluetooth PC Card is expected to ship in Q1 2001.

As an early pioneer of multi-function PC Card technology, TDK is also actively developing a next generation Bluetooth/10/100 Ethernet PC Card to combine fixed LAN connection and a wireless Bluetooth giving the user ultimate flexibility and using only one PC Card slot.

Bluetooth Access points for home and business allowing users to connect to network and Internet services in the office and in the home are also planned for later in 2001. In the home, the modem access point will come with V.90 (56K) modem support for high-speed data links to a corporate office or Internet provider. In the office, the LAN access range incorporates multiple Bluetooth radios to provide concurrent data links to Bluetooth peripherals. This design guarantees individual network bandwidth to each Bluetooth user, giving performance comparable with other wireless LAN systems, while keeping the flexibility of Bluetooth for use outside the office.

TDK is a leading developer of Bluetooth technology and has been investing heavily in both its own development base in Europe and also in forging key industry partnerships with leading Bluetooth technology companies both at chip and final product level. TDK has a stake in Silicon Wave, the California based specialist in RF (radio frequency) chip technology and also has an active development partnership with British company CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio). In addition, TDK is also developing and designing Bluetooth products for large PC manufacturers.

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