V3's latest Mobile Gateway frees people to build their own applications

V3 today announced the latest version of their Mobile Gateway product, building upon the success of the previous gateway. Besides several other new features, such as SMS support, the V3 mobile gateway has an open programming interface for wireless applications, called WAPI. NO OTHER GATEWAY IN THE WORLD HAS THIS UNIQUE FEATURE. It completely frees businesses to build and maintain applications at a fraction of today's price. This feature will also help businesses extend existing applications and 'future-proof' them in terms of upcoming standards such as GPRS, etc.

V3's highly successful Mobile Gateway products offer the ability to create mobile applications with high levels of security, scalability and throughput and complete communications standards compatibility. The applications can be created faster and cheaper than competitors and now in a more open framework V3 gives companies the ability to conduct secure and continuous e-commerce and information transfers on any network, anytime, anywhere. Companies now have a choice and can control their mobile-based information and user interactions without the control of the mobile network operator. V3 can help clients achieve flawless access to mobile networks. We do this using the V3 Mobile Gateway and the V3 Exchange products and, if necessary, offer support by consulting and applications development.

WAPI (wireless API) allows applications unprecedented control over all the WAP and SMS functions of V3's Mobile Gateway version 2.6 using simple but powerful commands. Using WAPI, an application is shielded from the underlying complexities and rapid technological changes of mobile communications. This means that the application does not need to change if, for example, it has to operate across current and emerging network bearers such as GSM, GPRS or UMTS (3G).

The V3 Mobile Gateway is one of the world's most powerful Mobile Gateways, with one of the smallest footprints, so that it can be downloaded, installed and operational in just a few minutes. The V3 Mobile Gateway can also be embedded into other products, such as PC's, vending machines, remote plants, trading platforms, exchanges and directly embedded within microprocessors.

"Companies, who have or are about to create new e-commerce applications, now have to evaluate the impact of mobile commerce," said Nicholas Davies, Technical Director for V3. "The aim of our products is to make the Internet, corporate networks and mobile networks work together - simply, seamlessly and affordably."

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