Wapprofit, a global leader in m-commerce, has announced the launch of Cellulize, the next-generation in wireless internet content creation software. Cellulize is based on leading edge technology which creates content that is supported by all current handsets and gateways. This content is also accessible in all the major worldwide standards.

Wapprofit’s Cellulize enables companies to provide access to online information for customers, partners, and employees. The content is automatically created in iMode, HDML, WAP and AvantGo langauges to ensure that users can access information, in any part of the world, on any known wireless internet system. The combination of Wapprofit's popular iMode, HDML and WAP software in one package enables organisations to implement their m-commerce strategies on a truly global basis.

"As companies develop mobile information systems, global coverage and compatibility with all standards is becoming increasingly critical,” said Peter Bellew, Chief Executive Officer of Wapprofit. “Wapprofit’s Cellulize is the most advanced product available to provide this level of flexibility and ease of use. As we continue to develop new solutions to meet growing m-commerce needs, Cellulize is a vital element in Wapprofit's strategy of enabling customers to control their wireless content and broadcasting it to a global audience."

As businesses worldwide, such as service providers, enterprise portals, financial institutions and government agencies, move information, applications, and relationships to a mobile platform, there is a blurring of standards and a need for a single authoring environment. The world had three different wireless internet standards: iMode, HDML and WAP. It is essential to address all three market sectors if an organisation is to grow a global business.

Cellulize allows organisations to develop content once for their corporate m-networks, consumer wireless sites and partner communities and ensure that it is available on a global basis. Cellulize can also be coupled with existing content from any word processing package or web page.

Cellulize: Unparalleled Flexibility and Ease of Use Wapprofit’s Cellulize enables customers to quickly and easily extend business to a mobile world and share valuable corporate data through a complete set of next generation features:

* Cellulize’s Emulator offers a revolutionary graphical user interface which links the content created to a realistic local emulator so the creator can see what and how their content will be displayed throughout the globe.

* Cellulize’s innovative "Syntax Checker" automatically gathers all characters that may confuse or crash overseas phone systems and replaces them with the correct syntax automatically. It displays content in the Cellulize emulator in USA, European and Asian formats where an author in another part of the world may have no access to see how local technologies perform. No competing product offers coding in all wireless languages. Cellulize saves time and improves accuracy by automatically evaluating and creating the complicated wireless code.

* Cellulize Standards Promotion - unlike competing solutions that restrict users to creating content for one particular brand of phone or gateway, Cellulize promotes efficient and highly automated generation of wireless content code, which is supported by all handsets on all networks through every gateway in real-world wireless environments.

* Flexible Architecture - Cellulize is built from the ground up and provides a flexible framework enabling customers to: Integrate the wireless content creation into all web and non-web-based applications Provide a single PC interface to create a multiplicity of wireless content Scale to meet the demands of growing online and wireless businesses.

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