WIDCOMM Inc. Springs Bluetooth on Handspring Palm OS Developers

WIDCOMM Development Tool to Speed Bluetooth Wireless Technology Applications for Handheld Visor

Aat the PalmSource 2000 conference, WIDCOMM announced the availability of the BlueConnect Developer's Kit (DK) for the Handspring Visor product family.

WIDCOMM Inc. is a world leader in short-range wireless communications and Bluetooth networking technology. WIDCOMM's BlueConnect Developer's Kit provides an easy-to-use development platform for the standard Palm OS software environment. The kit will ease development of Bluetooth-interoperable applications for handheld devices.

WIDCOMM's BlueConnect DK is the ideal platform for developing and demonstrating Bluetooth applications on a handheld computer. The kit was created using WIDCOMM's industry-leading Bluetooth Protocol Stack, guaranteeing thorough implementation of the Bluetooth 1.0b specification. The product includes a hardware portion consisting of a Springboard(TM) Bluetooth radio module. WIDCOMM's BlueConnect kit is interoperable with WIDCOMM's Bluetooth Developer's Kit for Windows(R) (used to create applications for desktop and notebook computers).

"Our new developer's kits, just like our test tools, are considered best of breed in the industry. They help developers create applications quickly and easily. This launch is part of our effort to grow the market for the Bluetooth wireless platform," said Rajiv Kumar, WIDCOMM's CTO and VP of Engineering. "WIDCOMM is committed to helping applications developers and makers of devices create products that are useful, interoperable, and reliable."

WIDCOMM's BlueConnect Developer's Kit for Handspring Visor emphasizes four key benefits:

-- Ease of use: Thanks to the included Discovery Applications

        package, developers can create applications using just the
        standard serial port library function calls. For complex
        Bluetooth applications, WIDCOMM has exposed the Service
        Discovery API library with documented source code.

    --  Simple Development Environment: The BlueConnect DK allows
        independent developers to build compelling Bluetooth
        applications for a popular and convenient platform: the
        standard Palm OS software development environment.

    --  Device Mobility: The BlueConnect DK can be used in either
        Client or Server mode. Developers may connect and synchronize
        data among a multitude of Bluetooth wireless-enabled devices,
        such as mobile handsets, PDAs, notebook computers, computer
        tablets, output devices, cameras and access points.

    --  Interoperability: WIDCOMM is a pioneer in conformance testing
        and device interoperability, and was the first company to
        deliver a Bluetooth certified protocol stack with profiles.
        The BlueConnect DK leverages this technological leadership to
        deliver a solid, dependable platform for application

Availability: The BlueConnect Developer's Kit is available as a beta product today, with final product shipping mid-January 2001.

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