WirelessMD, With Partners iScribe and Healthcare.com, Establishes Aggressive Plan to Provide Wireless Connectivity to Physician Group Practices

WirelessMD, Inc. (WirelessMD) a subsidiary of M2Verticom Corporation (M2Verticom), the premiere wireless connectivity application solution provider for the medical community, today unveiled its plan to immediately target and provide physician group practices utilizing practice management software such as WebMD's Medical Manager, Medics, IDX, and Masterpiece Technology, mobile access to patient and medical record information, including the ability to perform electronic prescription writing, in or out of the office, using the WirelessMD Medical Data Retrieval System, and iScribe, Inc.'s (iScribe) in-office electronic prescription writing program.

WirelessMD's objective is to provide physician group practices, representing approximately 65% of the total practicing physicians in the United States, wireless connectivity to their existing practice management software systems, such as WebMD's Medical Manager, IDX and Medics, cost-free, in an effort to improve healthcare delivery and related business processes.

The multi-functional WirelessMD software application solution enables healthcare providers wireless access to critical and non-critical medical as well as non-medical information by integrating disparate technology environments and allowing information to be shared and managed across enterprise interfaces. In concert with WirelessMD's strategic partners such as Healthcare.com, (NASDAQ:HCDC) with an installed base of over 2000 sites, and iScribe, with its heralded electronic prescription writing system, as well as several others, such as PayMD, Inc., Arch Wireless (NASDAQ:ARCH), and Metrocall Communications (NASDAQ:MCLL), WirelessMD has developed the most comprehensive multi-functional, mobile medical solution that best meets the need of today's practicing physician. This system includes access to multi-platform electronic prescribing and renewal services incorporating potential adverse drug interaction notices and formulary compliance information, wireless access to patient clinical information such as laboratory, pathology and radiology results, office scheduling, charge capture, patient demographics, histories and updates, physician directories, access to pharmaceutical manufactures including related CME programs, FDA drug alerts and non-medical information such as wireless stock trading. These services are all performed in a secure, HIPPA compliant, mobile environment with any mobile end-user device including the Motorola PageWriter(TM) 2000X interactive messaging system (NYSE:MOT), Handspring Visor(TM) handheld (NASDAQ:HAND) with the Glenayre @ctiveLink(TM) wireless messaging module (NASDAQ:GEMS), HP Jornada, Compaq iPAQ, Palm VII(TM) connected organizer (NASDAQ:PALM), RIM paging units, and Nokia (NYSE:NOK) WAP technology as well as other comparable telephone technology.

"Continuous mobile interactivity is fast becoming a competitive necessity for the medical community so we have developed a comprehensive, multi-functional, interactive software application that supports interoperability with existing healthcare information technology systems to facilitate the exchange of data among medical professionals," stated Gary Coltek, chief executive officer of M2Verticom Corporation. "Designed as a scalable solution, our software application is uniquely suited to the needs of group practices, large and small, since it can be implemented as a stand-alone information exchange tool or as an extension of an existing healthcare information setting regardless of the practice management software. For too long physicians have been promised a wireless connectivity solution for data retrieval from their office or hospital information systems that has been nothing more than vaporware. WirelessMD is the clear leader in providing such wireless enablement, and has amassed the largest distribution network to physicians that are paying for this valued-added medical solution. We are very excited about this initiative and believe that many members of the medical community will take advantage of our offer of the Motorola PageWriter(TM) 2000X, the only wireless device approved for use in hospital telemetry environments, and capable of transmitting patient data in a secure HIPPA compliant network."

"Our partnership with WirelessMD is designed to meet the demands of today's ever-changing healthcare environment where traditional applications must communicate with new e-Health applications," said Robert Murrie, Healthcare.com president and CEO. "We are able to provide WirelessMD with a total integration solution by enabling their connectivity platform as well as hosting their application via our ASP (Application Service Provider). To that end, we can help vendors like WirelessMD quickly expand their business, allowing them to further penetrate the healthcare market and serve additional customers such as physician group practices."

WirelessMD is offering physicians, cost-free wireless connectivity to their practice management systems, and a 90-day service trial to access the award winning WirelessMD software application using the Motorola PageWriter(TM) 2000X. This application can be easily integrated with most healthcare systems so physicians can leverage their existing hardware and increase functionality by becoming truly mobile. To sign up today, please call 1-800-573-5930 or visit us December 4th, 5th or 6th at the Jacob K. Javits Center, New York City.

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