AlphaGrip to Debut the World's First Handheld Speed Typing Device and Technology at Upside Events' Showcase 2001

Well-Known Technology Columnist Selects AlphaGrip to Present

AlphaGrip Inc. ( will present the world's first and only handheld speed typing device and technology at Upside Events' Showcase 2001 in La Quinta, Calif., which takes place Jan. 22-24, 2001.

AlphaGrip was selected by Showcase executive producer and popular technology columnist, Jesse Berst, to present its technology to an audience composed of industry insiders, media, analysts and venture capitalists.

AlphaGrip was also chosen to demonstrate its technology live onstage on Jan. 23 at 10:00. Now in its fifth year, Showcase has become known as a launch pad for some of the industry's most exciting new technologies and companies, such as Tivo.

AlphaGrip has developed a handheld 3-D keyboard that incorporates its patented text input technology. AlphaGrip users can enter text quickly (at more than 50 wpm), easily and comfortably anywhere, regardless of body position or the availability of a work surface.

AlphaGrip fulfills the promise of "anywhere computing" by allowing people to create "long messages" and other types of textual information. AlphaGrip's interface can be used with any device requiring text entry -- from cell phones to PDAs to handheld computers to interactive TV.

"For many people, typing is an integral part of the thought process," said Michael Willner, AlphaGrip's lead inventor. "Today we're forced to postpone `real work' until we can sit at a desk and use a standard keyboard because the input interfaces available on handhelds are just too slow.

"Soon," Willner predicted, "AlphaGrip-enabled devices will free us from the desk -- to think, work and play when and where we want."

AlphaGrip will demonstrate its fourth-generation working prototypes of an AlphaGrip-enabled game controller with all the functionality of a full-sized keyboard and mouse. These prototypes are compelling and intuitive to use (a non-working version of a combination handheld game console/notebook computer was featured in the fall 2000 Internet World Fashion Show).

With no formal training, the average user can achieve typing speeds of 40-50 wpm in a month, far less time than it takes to learn to touch type at comparable speeds on a standard keyboard. AlphaGrip is seeking strategic partners and licenses for its technology.

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