Cutting-edge Swiss Technology Boosts the Speed of Stock Trading Via Personal Digital Assistants - PDAs -

Innovative solution from esmertec makes PDA-based stock trading possible in Switzerland

There are few places where speed and continuous availability are so vitally important as on the financial markets.

"Youtrade on Palm" was designed to meet this need. The latest offering from youtrade, the online broker from CS launched on 9 December 2000, gives users a number of crucial benefits: Youtrade on Palm enables them to follow trading with a PDA anytime, anywhere in Switzerland.

To guarantee the speed required for the application, Ergon Informatik, who has developed the software for Youtrade in cooperation with CS, selected a fast Java virtual machine (JVM) known as Jbed Micro Edition CLDC from esmertec.

"We opted for the Jbed Micro Edition because it's faster and more advanced than comparable Java virtual machines. Speed is of paramount importance to our client, Credit Suisse, as well as ourselves," says Patrick Burkhalter, Ergon Informatik's general manager.

The 128-bit encryption technology used by youtrade is based on a Java SSL 3.0 implementation. This gives Youtrade on Palm the same high security standards required for Internet banking in Switzerland. Data is transmitted via the infrared interface of the PDA (Palm Pilot, Visor or IBM Workpad) and mobile phone.

Youtrade on Palm offers the same services as the Internet-based version of youtrade: buying and selling of securities on the Zurich, New York, NASDAQ and XETRA markets as well as a full range of information with stock market prices, market information and charts.

Jbed Micro Edition CLDC was developed specially for personal digital assistants and other equipment with limited storage capacity, such as mobile phones and Internet devices. It is an extremely fast and compact Java run-time environment that satisfies all criteria as regards speed and ease of use in everyday situations.

The Target Bytecode Compiler (TBCC) developed by esmertec generates performance at up to twenty times the speed of other technologies.

Palm organizers are indisputably one of the most popular and successful products in the rapidly expanding PDA market. Youtrade on Palm, made possible by esmertec, is a powerful, innovative offer.

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