CYNET Accepted in Microsoft's Mobile Solutions Partner Program

CYNET, Inc. (OTCBB: CYNE), a leading provider of convergent messaging technology for businesses, announced today that it has recently been selected as a partner in Microsoft Corp.'s Mobile Solutions Partner Program (MSPP), offered to select companies that specialize in developing mobile solutions for Handheld PC and Pocket PC devices.

The partnership signifies CYNET, Inc.'s strong commitment to continuing the development of convergent communication technologies that enable enterprises to receive and transmit electronic messages. The company has already developed the CYPAQ, a bundled solution that provides the Compaq (NYSE: CPQ) iPAQ Pocket PC with wireless voice and data communications capabilities. The CYPAQ bundled solution includes CYNET's wireless Cell Phone/Modem, the CYNET Dialer and CYNET's Convergent Messaging software and services.

"As businesses are increasingly focusing on smart mobile capabilities, CYNET is positioned to provide a comprehensive array of management solutions across a broad range of operating platforms," said Vincent W. Beale, Sr., chairman and CEO of CYNET, Inc. "By collaborating with Microsoft and other leading technology partners, we expect to enhance industry standards to ensure interoperability for enterprises."

Offered exclusively for companies that design and develop software or Web-based solutions and services, MSPP provides technical and marketing support needed to develop mobile applications and successfully promote solutions for Pocket PC devices.

"Increasingly, businesses are employing mobile devices for voice and data communications critical to the everyday operations of their company," said Joel Brazil, product manager of the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft. "With this growing need for mobile solutions, we are pleased companies such as CYNET are developing solutions that expand the wireless access options -- both voice and data -- available to Pocket PC users."

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