elcom, inc.'s eProcurement System Goes Wireless

Leader of Remotely-Hosted B2B eCommerce Solutions Announces eMobileLink Support for Wireless Devices

elcom, inc., the eProcurement and eMarketplace solutions subsidiary of Elcom International, Inc. (Nasdaq: ELCO), today announced that it will be delivering its eProcurement solutions on wireless devices such as Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) running on Windows CE and Palm OS and later to Internet-enabled cellular phones. elcom's eMobileLink(TM) initiative enables users of its remotely-hosted eProcurement solutions to receive e-mail notifications of approval requests and approve them directly from their wireless device.

Robert J. Crowell, Elcom International's chairman and CEO said, "We believe that our eMobileLink(TM) wireless platform represents another step in B2B eCommerce as we give our customers access to our eProcurement systems to review and approve orders while traveling using wireless devices. We view support for wireless devices as strategic to our efforts to give our customers access to time-critical procurement activities."

"Aberdeen sees an increasing need for business information and applications, such as e-Procurement, to be accessible via mobile devices," said Tim Minahan, managing director of Aberdeen's e-SCM and e-Procurement practice. "Workers of all types -- from executives to sales personnel to maintenance workers -- are conducting an increasing amount of their daily activities in areas where PCs and Internet connections are not readily available. By enabling authorized employees to place, authorize, and track orders via mobile devices, elcom will free employees up to make purchasing decisions anytime and anywhere."

elcom.com's Product Offerings

PECOS Internet Procurement Manager (PECOS.ipm) is a remotely-hosted eProcurement solution that automates the entire procurement process from product information discovery and ordering through financial settlement. PECOS.ipm provides client's personnel with browser-based self-service purchasing functions directly from their desktops, including multi-vendor electronic catalogs that support standard or negotiated "custom" pricing with preferred suppliers. PECOS Internet Procurement Manager's full-circle functionality improves service at all levels, including support for "order status" inquiries, automated e-mail authorization, and time-stamped audit trails throughout the entire transaction cycle.

PECOS Internet Exchange Manager (PECOS.iem) is a remotely-hosted eMarketplace solution that enables market makers to create communities of commerce without the need to invest in infrastructure, custom application development and ongoing system management. PECOS.iem provides market makers with a complete solution that has been designed to automate the entire B2B commerce process by enabling new levels of trading partner collaboration. Remotely hosted by elcom, inc, PECOS Internet Exchange Manager, is based on an open collaborative commerce architecture which is designed to enable trading partner self service while still preserving the control that is critical to effective eMarketplace management. PECOS Internet Exchange Manager's collaborative commerce framework enables instant usability, trade partner self service and process adaptability.

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